The PFRE Blog Is Now Mobile Friendly!

April 26th, 2017

Check out the new look of the PFRE blog on your mobile device! It’s way easier to read now on your smartphone. Also, Google now gives us a “mobile friendly” endorsement. You will see little or no difference on tablets but it now works nicely on smartphones. Almost 30% of PFRE blog traffic is now from smartphones and only 8% of traffic using tablets.

This new functionality is all thanks to Cristi my great WordPress developer. Cristi managed to modify my existing theme to make this change, which saved me a bunch of time! I tinkered around trying to do this by changing blog themes for weeks but couldn’t do it. Cristi did it in a couple of hours on the existing theme. Thanks, Cristi!

If anyone needs a WordPress developer let me know. I highly recommend Cristi!


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10 Responses to “The PFRE Blog Is Now Mobile Friendly!”

  • Looks great!!

  • Awesome! Congratulations!


  • Thank you! I always read you on my phone.

    I only find one issue. If I tap on the image in the post, it takes me to the home page. I was expecting to open it in a new tab or at least zoom in it.

    Anyway, cogratulations!

  • Larry,

    Well done! This is great!

  • @Sergio – What happens when you tap or click (if on the desktop) has nothing to do with whether or not you are on a mobile device or not. Normally either nothing happens (as I have it on this post… I fixed it after your comment) or it takes you to either a video or new page that is related to the content in the post.

  • Much appreciated. Now works great with my phone. Thanks.

  • Thank you Larry! I find it better like it is now. Going to the home page before reading the whole post was a bit annoying.

    Thanks and congrats again!! This amazing site totally deserves this kind of improvements!! 🙂

  • Hi Larry,
    Congratulations, looks great, easy to read !

  • Looks great, but your advertising conversions are really going to suffer. All the ads are displayed below the content and the comments.

  • @Blair – Losing all the ads is exactly what happens when you go mobile friendly. If you don’t believe me just look at on your smartphone… you only see two ads on the entire front page when viewing on a smartphone (I’m actually ahead of the I have 4 ads on the front page when viewed on a smartphone) but whole bunches of ads if you view the same on a large screen desktop. You can’t do mobile friendly and have a whole bunch of ads!

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