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April 21st, 2017

I used to review real estate video every week but haven’t done it in a long while.

I follow a huge number of real estate videographers and really enjoy seeing what property video everyone is doing. This week the following property videos by some of my favorite videographers caught my attention:
This video by Heath Cowart and his team in Asheville, North Carolina is a great example of what a few seconds of well thought out drone footage can contribute to a two-minute property video. It wasn’t so long ago that these kind of aerial shots were impossible. Nowadays these shots are a huge contribution to property video!
This video by the Artez family team in Nanaimo, BC to me stands out to me as uniquely Alberto Artez’s unique style of shooting property video. Very cinematic, done with only sliders and cranes. Very slow movement and cut changing synchronized to the slow quiet music. I love this particular style!
This hard hitting 41 sec video by the PlatinumHD crew in Brisbane is remarkable in the amount of information conveyed in so little time. For those not familiar with PlatinumHD be sure to watch the video on the front page of their website. They are on the leading edge of digital real estate marketing and have been for a very long time.

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2 Responses to “This Week in Real Estate Video”

  • Thank you Larry for showcasing our video this week. We are honoured by your comments.
    Mia & Alberto Dominguez

  • I like the clever scripting in the first North Carolina video ie. reasons to buy this property.

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