Suggested Real Estate Photography Post-Processing Vendors

April 20th, 2017

I’ve made some changes to the post-processing outsourcing page that I started about a year ago. This page that lists post-processing vendors that you can send your real estate post-processing to has been very popular. It gets a lot of traffic.

The general idea is that readers can leave comments on this page about your experiences with these companies. When I first created the page I tallied comments for each vendor but I dropped this because it is too much work. I do moderate the comments to make sure the comments are being made by people that at least appear to be real estate photographers.

I’ve also recently changed it so that vendors have to pay to be listed on this page. I did this to filter out the large of requests by what appeared to be flaky operations.

So hopefully this page lists only solid, reliable operations. If anyone has any issues with any of these vendors please leave comments to that effect on the page. I do some vetting of these vendors but I don’t try out the services each one.

Also, if you have a favorite post-processor encourage them to contact me to get on the list.

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