What Are Some Must Have Drone Video Shots?

April 3rd, 2017

Michael in Illinois recently asked:

I’m beginning to add drone photos/videos to my offerings. Are there some “go to” or “must have” shots that a drone package should include?

About the time that Michael asked this question I ran across this video tutorial by Captain Cornelius on his Drone Film Guide YouTube channel. This is a great resource for real estate drone shooters and answers Michael’s question.

In this tutorial he talks about five important types of drone shots:

  1. Tilt reveal
  2. Overtake
  3. Coming into shot
  4. Crane or jib shot
  5. Bird’s eye view shot

Does anyone else have suggestions for essential shots? My suggestion is to minimize the roof shots. Looking down at roofs is not interesting.

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5 Responses to “What Are Some Must Have Drone Video Shots?”

  • Hey Larry, you forgot to mention the “How to Shoot Real Estate Videos” course from Grant Johnson that you’re promoting at the right of this web page. It covers video AND drones so it’s probably exactly what Michael needs. Check out the 5 drone moves video preview in Chapter 14 (

    My invoice for helping to market your products is in the post. ????

  • Found a great video demonstrating 8 top techniques for drone video shoots. Just used some of these techniques/shots for a video over the weekend:
    – Unveiling Shot
    – Look Up Shot
    – Pull Back Shot
    – Head Over Shot
    – Cam Crane Shot
    – Course Lock Shot
    – Slider Shot
    – Tripod Shot
    Here’s a link to the video:

  • I looked at both Grant’s and Dave Dywer’s video

    and came up with this video as our first take.

    We call this a hybrid video that combines video, some still photo effects with floor plans and we sliced in some Matterport pans. We will be working to add this as a product upgrade soon on our platform.

    Aerial video certainly adds a wow factor. Dave suggested some reveals, mix aerial in with the video timeline at different times, etc…and I think it works very well! Client loved it!

    $1.8 million house in Seattle sold over a weekend. Full tour is here.

  • Great post – thanks to everyone that contributed!

  • I’ve not used a drone yet – I’m a female photographer (fit and average strength for my 5’6″ height) and find a dslr on a steady cam too heavy – I can’t hold it with one hand long enough do a great job in a walk-through video – I’m told the big harnesses are
    made for a mans body, and hard on the lower back. Does anyone use a drone for a complete walk-though video?

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