How to Shoot 360 Images of Real Estate from a Drone

March 28th, 2017

Walt Simpson of Central Florida recently showed me examples of the 360 images (here, here and here) that he’s created with his drone.

Walt says:

I have created a process to create 360-degree panoramas using a drone to capture the images. I will be happy to talk to others offline on how to create these unique panoramas and tours. I take around 36 shots in total. The more overlap the better. One round of about 18 shots with the horizon down and another round with the camera pointed down a bit. Then one more shot straight down. The sky is Photoshopped to fill in the top. I use PTGui to stitch the 36 images and host the 360 images with KRpano.

Stitching 36 shots is not a big deal. It takes about 5 minutes to shoot one of these. Rotate a bit, click, rotate, click etc. I use a 4K camera and that gives me a lot of detail in the end. I spend about 45 minutes to an hour on post processing. Most of the work is in Photoshop on the sky and making it look seamless. For a simple single panorama I charge $250. Tours with multiple 360 images are more.

For those familiar with shooting 360 images, you will recognize Walt’s technique as the standard way of shooting 360 images.

I think these types of images can be very effective for showing large farm properties or neighborhoods. Walt points out that these 360 images are not a replacement for drone video and they work best for very specialized situations like his examples above.

Thanks Walt for sharing these unique 360 images.

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3 Responses to “How to Shoot 360 Images of Real Estate from a Drone”

  • I can see a big demand for commercial and very large properties. The fact that this is not video makes it more accessible to a larger audience who may not have the bandwidth to view a video.

    Great job

  • For those that are considering doing this, you may also want to explore They have a hosting interface that allows you to add branding to your 360 tour and also a way to add a “hot spot” link on one tour, that leads to another 360 tour.

  • Beautiful pano work Walt!

    One thing to keep in mind these interactive panos are output to html or similar and need to be hosted on a website or server; you can’t just pop them in a video on youtube. The previous post discussed best drone shots and the aerial pano or POV can be an effective video with similar results. Again beautiful work. (I shoot interactive 360 panos so have some idea the work this takes!)

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