What Do Real Estate Photographers Give Their Top Clients?

March 26th, 2017

Patrick in Houston asks:

I’m interested in what, if anything, do real estate photographers give to TOP clients. (Starbucks gift cards, discounts, etc)?

I like gift cards (both Starbucks and Amazon) because everyone can use them and they are easy to get and give.

Having been in a real estate office for 10 years I can say that they are very popular with agents. Many agents I know give them to their clients as thank you’s for referrals and all sorts of other gift situations. You can’t beat them as gifts to give your clients when they refer someone to you.

Don’t forget to ask for referrals.

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10 Responses to “What Do Real Estate Photographers Give Their Top Clients?”

  • Good service and a good product. If they want to buy me a cup of coffee, then that’s fine.

  • When I visit my daughter in Switzerland, I bring back a stash of Swiss chocolate. Clients love it.

  • Gifts are great. Always remember to ceck with an accountant or tax pro about write offs too. There is a limit to the amount per gift you can give and get a full write off. Not saying you shouldn’t give more than that but just so you’re aware.

  • Scotch. The good stuff. 🙂 We spent a lot on gifts over the holidays but nothing solidifies a working relationship like expensive alcohol.

  • You know, this can be a real can of worms. What is a TOP client? do you shoot 10 homes a year for them, 20 or 5? I don’t know about everyone else, but my clientele ranges from 1 house every other year to 3 or 4 a month. Where is the line? and even more important, is it a large or small firm. I have a firm with 4 realtors, I shoot every house they put on the market. One realtor may constitute 60 percent of the listings, Does everyone get a bottle of Scotch (I prefer a good Bourbon) or only the lead producer? Realtors are people, they will tell other Realtors you gave them something and the rest will feel slighted.

    I don’t give presents because of this. What I will do is bend over backward to help a good producer when I really don’t have the time to do so. I will show up on a Saturday or Sunday (I even shot one house on Christmas because the cleaners hadn’t finished. They where willing to make their life harder by moving everything room to room, I told them to relax and came back the next day, Got me out of a couple Christmas visits as well).

    I have competition every bit as good as I am, but once I work for someone, I rarely loose their business.

  • Take them to lunch. And a great lunch…as one of my favorite client says it…lunch with wine…they appreciate the break, and in return you get an extremely valuable gift from them…their time…

    The possibilities are enormous, since this is normally a top producer, is there another agent in that office you want to work for? Have them invite them, can’t beat that for a cold call. Want to work of a builder, kitchen designer, interior designer? Agents pretty much know everyone…

  • @Bill – Top clients are ones that give you referrals. Other than Christmas I think a key way to use gifts is to thank clients when they refer others to you.

  • @wayne – great advice!!

  • I give them my loyalty and my efforts, gift giving is a black hole, they should be guying you gifts!!! not the other way around. Referal should be free and a thanks so much for my referal should be more than enough. In 15 years I have NEVER given a gift. I have been known to give a hug though.

  • I used to give gifts but I’ve gone sour on them. The vast majority of time I am not thanked and the agent(s) never acknowledge them. I’ve done gift cards, baskets, etc. I don’t know if our society has grown more rude, but if someone gave me a gift (even if it wasn’t something I’d personally use) I would at least thank the person who took the time and effort to get me something.

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