A Few Seats Are Still Available: Signup Now For April 7-8 Las Vegas Workshop

March 16th, 2017

Last call reminder for anyone still hoping to attend the Cooper-Colangelo Real Estate Photography Workshop in Las Vegas on April 7-8. Brandon and Tony have a diverse group of photographers joining them from all over North America. All skill levels are well represented and they’ve assured me that it’s going to be a jam-packed two days in the desert!

Click here to register now!

The workshop will benefit:

  • Relatively new real estate photographers wanting to demystify the learning curve.
  • HDR shooters who want to make the move to off-camera flash, once and for all!
  • High-volume photographers wanting to create better images, while maintaining efficiency and profit margins.
  • Experienced shooters wanting to augment their brand with images that will entice high-profile clientele.
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5 Responses to “A Few Seats Are Still Available: Signup Now For April 7-8 Las Vegas Workshop”

  • Not only did I attend their workshop last fall I have used Brandon as my coach. These guys are great. The information they shared can benefit any level of photographer. If I did not already have another commitment I’d be going to Las Vegas!

  • Looks like a great workshop and hopefully they’ll offer it again later in the year (and in a more central location). Also, Las Vegas over a weekend is expensive for both hotels and airfare.

  • @Mike – I can’t speak for Brandon and Tony but here’s my standard sermon on real estate photography workshops for people that complain about where workshops are given:

    Over the years (the last 9 years of their existence) real estate photography workshops have gotten more and more scarce because they are a lot work to plan and execute, you don’t make a bunch of money and RE is a very niche market so attendees are few. So anyone, that wants face to face learning needs to jump at the chance when and where it’s available.

  • @Marcie – Thanks so much for your very kind comment, Marcie. Brandon and I are so pleased that you enjoyed the workshop in Summerland and wish you could’ve attended this one too πŸ™‚ BTW, love the pics you’re posting to our FB group. I’ll be making some comments on them shortly! Hope to see you again, in-person, at a future workshop!

    @Mike – Thanks for the interest in the workshop, Mike. I’m glad you think it looks like a worthwhile event. Yes, Brandon and I are planning on doing more of them, so stay tuned!

  • @Larry. I’ve traveled across the US on multiple occasions for RE workshops with Scott Hargis and Tony Roslund/Barry McKenzie. That said, there are expensive locations and less expensive locations. My comment regarding location was only intended to suggest that when cost of travel is considered during the planning stages of a workshop that sponsors tend to have an easier time attracting participants.

    I do disagree with the statement “you don’t make a bunch of money” offering workshops. Yes they require work to plan, promote and deliver….but the ROI on that time for most workshop sponsors is often equal to, and in many cases greater than, the amount of profit they typically make for the same effort in their day to day business activities. They deserve to be well paid so I have not problem with that….but I don’t agree that there’s no money to be made doing it.

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