Full Frame: Help For Organizing Your Real Estate Photography Business

March 10th, 2017

Recently, we talked about some alternatives for real estate photographers to get help managing their clients so I thought it may be useful to point out some of the features of “Full Frame,” one of the PFRE advertisers.

Full Frame Systems started their real estate photography business in 2008 in the Southern California market. They couldn’t find a good client management system so they decided to build their own. After 7 years of development, they started offering the FullFrame software to other real estate photographers.

Barry Fisch, the founder of Full Frame, noted that “If this platform would have existed when I started my business, my success would have come much more quickly.” Barry goes on to say “I’m adamant about keeping Full Frame’s pricing affordable since many real estate photography business have times when volume varies.” Their flexible pricing allows you to move from one package to another, based on your actual volume of business. Full Frame tools include:

  1. Client and administration software
  2. Media delivery
  3. Flyer creation
  4. Photo tour creation
  5. Individual Property websites
  6. Interactive 3D Tour embedding for Matterport and iGuide
  7. Social media syndication
  8. Downloadable client and billing reports
  9. Automated email notifications
  10. Order forms that include customizable packages and add-on services

Here is a link to their features page that has videos that overview the FullFrame software. I recommend you get a Full Frame demo here.

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6 Responses to “Full Frame: Help For Organizing Your Real Estate Photography Business”

  • Last year Barry was kind enough to not only demonstrate Fullframe to my photography students but also gave them a great intro offer. 2 of the real estate photographers in the course signed up and loved it. They said that the software automated so many of the big things, but it was some of the little things that made the biggest difference in their business.

    Whether you look at fullframe or other management software, if you are in business for yourself, automation is one of the most important keys to a successful business

  • Well, I can’t say their website is real informative. It seems odd to me that you have to request a demo for more information. Especially for pricing.

    Can anyone tell us what their pricing is?

  • Erik M:

    Their pricing is there, and it scales to your use, per their claims.

    I use quickbooks accounting to make it easy for me and my CPA, but might want to start using FF for everything else. Not sure I want to go through bank auth to accept credit cards again, though.

  • Ryan Christian,

    Well, that’s embarrassing. Thanks.

  • I would LOVE to try fullframe. But… their storage limits are ridiculously low for my business.

  • Erik M, it happens. We’re only human, dude.

    Expertise, how long do you keep your photos? I keep everything for six months after the date of the shoot and then it’s gone. Long-term photos are the ones I pick to be my best work for my portfolio, and they can stay on the main hard drive and an external plus a long-term cloud backup. For online delivery to clients you have a lot more leeway, just make sure they’ve downloaded the photos and then delete them from the shoot folder or whatever it is FF calls it.

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