Checkout Dave Dwyer’s New Video Series on How to Shoot and Edit Real Estate Video

March 7th, 2017

Last week Dave Dwyer in Brisbane, AU gave me a sneak preview of his newly completed video series on How to Shoot and Edit Real Estate Videos.

I must say I was quite impressed! Dave has been shooting real estate video in the Brisbane market for over 5 years. And those of you that have been following real estate video for any time know that Brisbane is one of the world’s most popular places in the world for real estate photography and real estate video. If you don’t believe me, just use google trends to look up the term “real estate photography”. I’m not sure what is driving this down there but my theory is it’s something in the water.

Dave has created a great series of video tutorials to help people getting started shooting real estate video. Besides the usual coverage of equipment and basic camera settings, he goes into real estate video styles, on-location production advice, and extensive tutorials on video editing. Dave says he will be adding content to this video series in the future based on subscribers suggestions. Dave says he has more video content that he will soon be adding that isn’t currently online. The new subjects will be mobile phones, Ronin-M technique, using 360 degree cameras, and time-lapse sequences.

To me, this looks like must-have training for anyone interested in real estate video production. Subscribe now and get all future content.

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5 Responses to “Checkout Dave Dwyer’s New Video Series on How to Shoot and Edit Real Estate Video”

  • I will certainly check out this tip. I have also been following the tutorials by Grant Johnston from NZ. He has just added the Osmo to his tool kit and is reporting on it which has been very useful to me in working out how to use my GoPro5 with the Karma Grip Stabilzer. Many functional similarities.

    For those of us trying to add video to our still skill set for clients who don’t have the budget for full fledged RE videos, this new technology is a Godsend. You lack the full suite of controls, but with careful development of techniques that are built around those limitations, I think you can still produce decent videos to cover this solid but lower end segment of the market without a large investment in equipment. So I will be interested to see if Dave’s tutorials cover this.

  • Thanks for the article, Larry! It’s a great feeling to finally get this project off the ground after so long.

    Hi Peter! – I will be uploading a video next month that covers the production of real estate videos using a mobile phone and a DJI Osmo Mobile 🙂

    Lots more content to come – very inspired by the feedback that has been received so far and I’m looking forward to keeping this conversation going. Thanks for your interest!

  • My weak link in real estate video has been the software for editing….what software do you recommend. Thanks

  • Hi Mark, I highly recommend Adobe Premiere Pro. As with any software, there will be a learning curve when you start, but given Adobe’s dominance in this space (i.e. Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects etc) you will always find learning resources readily available online. A cheaper alternative might be Final Cut Pro X – a comparison between these applications can be found here:

  • I just bought the series. Looks really nice so far, I’m just about halfway through. I was wondering how Dave was able to keep the windows bloom down. Is it the Gh4 DR that good? I know with my 6d it sometimes looks really bad. With stills I can use lights to compromise for the dynamic range, but I obviously won’t be doing that with video…

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