Congratulations to Vic DeVore – February PFRE Videographer of the Month

March 1st, 2017

Congratulations to Vic DeVore, of Clermont, FL who the video jury has voted PFRE videographer of the month for February 2017. Click here or the image to the right to look at Vic’s winning video.

Here are the results of the video jury’s voting:

  1. Vic DeVore
  2. Travis Rowan
  3. Ryan Haschke
  4. Brad Barnson
  5. Gary Kasl
  6. Full Package Media

Thanks to all the jurors for their comments on all the entries. Check them out; there’s a lot to learn there.

Here are Vic’s comments on his video:

I started shooting real estate full time two and a half years ago, and I have always been inspired by the fantastic storytelling that so many veterans in our industry have produced. When I shot this unique ski lake property it was that inspiration that drove me to tell a great story. I am grateful for the generosity of the veterans in the real estate photography community that share tips and feedback, continually elevating the finished quality.

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4 Responses to “Congratulations to Vic DeVore – February PFRE Videographer of the Month”

  • This is an excellent video.
    I would be very queries to find out how long did it take on-site as well as in editing time to create this video.
    Since it probably took some serious time to produce it, I can only guess that it would cost the homeowner or agent a couple of thousand dollars in fees, which…. I am afraid not too many agents or homeowners would agree to pay… although I think no matter what it costs… it is well worth it.
    Great job!

  • Great film Vic. Congratulations on the win in a strong month for competition.

  • Congrats Vic, pro all the way and well earned. Unique property handled expertly with an all encompassing video that very directly markets to unique buyers. Really nice.

  • Congrats Vic, Travis, Ryan Brad, Gary and Full Package Media – nicely done! Vic – just WOW on your video and your fabulous property!

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