PFRE Reader Recommended Post Processing Vendors

January 30th, 2017

Jordan says:

I haven’t seen the topic of post processing vendors covered in a while. I’m wondering what the latest services out there are for real estate photo editing. As things are slowly starting to get busy this year, I want to get ahead of the busy season and get someone in line for photo editing.

I was using a friend in Ireland to edit my photos last year, but would like to explore the other options that may be available.

I’m overwhelmed by requests from all over the world from people that want me to advertise, mention, or promote their real estate photo editing services. Long ago, I decided not to take advertising from these operations because if I did, the PFRE front page would be filled with nothing else.

Also, I’ve decided that the best way to rate post-processing services is to have readers that use the services recommend the best post processing services in the following way:

  1. I have a special outsourcing page.
  2. Readers can “vote” on the services by commenting on the outsourcing page.
So if you want to see who readers recommend look at the outsourcing page.
If your favorite post processing vendor is not on this page and you want to recommend them to others let me know your experiences with the company and I’ll add them to the page.
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