What Is A Good Printer To Use For Business Cards And Post Cards?

January 27th, 2017

Kiera in CA asked:

I am wondering who everyone uses for their print materials.  I am about to print new business cards and post cards and wasn’t happy with the last run of a typically dependable vendor.

I like I’ve used them several times for cards and have been quite pleased. I’ve never used them for postcards but they do all type of printing. They are high quality but probably more expensive that some of the other places.

Back a few years ago when I did a fairly high volume of postcards for my wife’s real estate listings I used for postcards and their gloss postcards were good for the price.

Anyone else have printer recommendations?

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16 Responses to “What Is A Good Printer To Use For Business Cards And Post Cards?”

  • I use Great quality. Fast service.

  • I use Vista Print for business cards and a local printer for post cards. You definitely get what you pay for with b-cards. Get a good heavy stock and pay the extra for the coating so they look good when you hand them out.

    Working with a good local printer when doing post cards and other handouts is the only way to go for me. Mistakes can be rectified faster and there is no shipping time/cost when they are ready. I like to support local businesses so there is somebody around when I need extra service. My local printer recommended Vista Print for B-cards as he just can compete with their pricing and concentrates on higher margin jobs where service is more of a factor.

  • Won’t help anyone else, I use a local printshop that I pass by daily a mile from my house. A small family shop of 3 employees which I find equally as good if not better than the large mail order and chains (Staples, Office Depot. FedEx, etc) and consistently less expensive. I typically create the file in Adobe InDesign where they give me technical advise on bleeds, etc plus as deliver the file, at least on brochures, they run a test copy for review/approval on a specific paper. Even able to accommodate a European size poster that my son-in-law needed for a conference display which he took back home to Europe for additional conferences. I guess what trying to say, while national sign option are nice, review the work of your local independent printer. He has even referred me some non-RE commercial photography work where another customer needed some product photography.

  • I like Moo and Vistaprint is pretty good as well. Staples is the worst. My husband used them recently and they botched everything from the font to the color to the cut.
    Moo has quite a few promotions throughout the year. Overnight prints is pretty good although their cuts can be off. I’ve had that happen enough that I don’t use them anymore.

  • I use Zazzle…quite happy with them.

  • I go local as well. Excellent service and they spent time educating me on the finer points of printing and design (I’m not a graphic artist by any means!), check out and give George a call if you’re in the midwest.

  • MOO ( is my favorite for business cards. A little pricier than some but the designs have gotten me more compliments and probably business than cheaper products. I like the option of business detail on one side and my artwork on the other. You can create your own design on their site too.

  • First class color. Terrible website but great quality and service. And the best price I’ve ever heard of. 23.50 for a thousand.

  • Moo is awesome and they are having 25% off everything until the 31st or you can use this code for $15 off (though I haven’t tried the link out yet)

  • I have been really happy with It’s a Montreal based business and has always given much better results than Vistaprint, and at a better price for large volumes. They won’t print less than 1000 cards, but I don’t consider that to be a problem.

  • For business cards – another vote here for Moo.

  • Moo’s quality and customer service are outstanding. And they have an option to print a different photo on the back of each card.

  • I forgot to mention,’s prices are all in Canadian dollars. Their “Basic” business cards are 24$ for 1000 cards, so about 18 US$.

    I really like Moo’s idea of allowing different photos on each card – I’ll have to look into that.

  • Moo! they are the best. wait for a sale or order a large quantity. They’re expensive but really worth it, I think. there stuff really looks professional

  • Quantum Digital in Texas has printed flyers for me several times. The color reproduction is very nice. They are also affordable and make it easy to order.

  • I like Printrunner because they send a PDF proof to OK before the go-ahead — fast service/shipping and good communication too.

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