How Do Real Estate Photographers Carry a Tablet Around?

January 5th, 2017

Daniel in Ohio asks:

Any suggestions for carrying a tablet around? A lot of photographers, including me, use the cam ranger, and it can be a pain to always have it under my arm (the most convenient spot to carry it for me). I use a Samsung Tab A, but maybe you have some good ideas that would work for any tablet?

Yes, there are many real estate photographers that use the CamRanger. For readers not familiar with it see this post.

Here are a couple of suggestions for ways to carry around a tablet while you are doing a shoot so it doesn’t get in your way:

  1. A Hip/Shoulder Pouch with strap – Just put the tablet in the pouch and sling it over your shoulder.
  2. Security Hand-Strap for Tablets – This is an elastic strap that connects to the tablet so you can easily attach any other strap you have to the tablet.

What do you use to carry your CamRanger tablet around?

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11 Responses to “How Do Real Estate Photographers Carry a Tablet Around?”

  • I use a iPad Mini 4 with the Sony Wifi Software in a Lifeproof case. Recently I’ve switched to my iPhone 7 Plus. Easier to work with. to trigger and and quick view the lighting it’s perfect.

  • I tried many and have continued to use one made by Cooper Cases. Avoid anything with a plastic cover that goes over the screen as it interferes with the touch and use of the tablet which becomes quite annoying.

  • I hand hold my flash, and attach my tablet to my flash with a tablet stand that happens to fit onto both my yn560iii and my rl600.

  • I use an iPad Mini and just slip it into a side pocket of my cargo pants or shorts that I wear for every shoot. I tried a Lifeproof case with the shoulder strap and didn’t like it due to it slinging around too much and getting in the way.

  • Larry, Thank you for all your work and research. I had the same question Daniel had. I have ordered the strap version. Thanks

  • I just use my phone and a lanyard. If I have to use the tablet, I mount it to a tripod and just locate it nearby.

  • Over the holiday, I got an iPad Pro 9.7 (thanks for the huge sale Target) and bought a case with an attached lanyard. I quickly found that it was very uncomfortable and I was also concerned in was susceptible to banging around. I looked around and finally chose an Otterbox Defender. The backside of the removable case has a mechanism to lock to a “V” position, allowing me to use as an upright stand.

  • I second Copper Cases, very nice.

  • The case that Rich Baum uses is very handy. The strap connections allow it to be positioned on the body where it can be seen hands free. A quick flip and the screen is facing in, protecting the tablet and getting it out of the way. Hopefully Rich will chime in with the brand. I recall that it’s somewhat expensive, but it should be possible to modify a less expensive case to work the same way. For more info, see Rich’s YouTube videos

  • Here’s another option. Kind of over the top but it sure is amazing not having to worry about holding onto the tablet anymore. Make sure you verify the specs. I originally purchased the tablet version and it didn’t fit my smaller tablet.

  • I use a lifeproof case with a shoulder strap and the hand strap on the back, I don’t use the hand strap as much as I thought, but the should strap allows me to prop it in a way for one handed use while light-painting with a flash in the other hand. Probably more pricey than other options, but hey, that’s lifeproof cases for you.

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