Congratulations to Matt Van Emmerik 2016 PFRE Videographer of The Year

December 31st, 2016

MattVanEmmerikJun2016Congratulations to Matt Van Emmerik, PFRE Videographer of the year for 2016. Contestants for Videographer of the year were the winners of the 2016 Videographer of the month. All 2016 Videographers of the month are shown here.

Below is the results of the PFRE video jury’s voting. This list shows everyone that received votes in order of the number of votes received:

  1. Matt Van Emmerik
  2. Hamish Beeston
  3. Rachel von Nordeck
  4. Anders Carlson
  5. Sharon & Lyndon Davey

Charlie Dresen, one of the video jurors made the following comment about this year’s video entries:

I feel great real estate videos have an added component that allows the viewers to either learn more about the home by informative narration like Sharon Davey or, connect with the property emotionally like Matt’s, Rachel’s and Hamish’s videos by using actors in a lifestyle situation. And then there’s the purely visually appealing videos of Anders’ video that draw one in because of the beautiful visuals that are shot so well. All of these videos have an added element that draws viewers in. I feel this added effort by the creators not only helps videos win awards but also resonates with the broad audience that we’re selling to. So congratulations to all of these video makers on taking your craft to the next level. You all are leaders of this industry.

Here are Matt’s comments:

I was pleased to receive your email and it came as a pleasant surprise on this New Year’s Day. It’s a great honor to be recognized by your peers especially those active on this site. When I first started offering video as an addition to my business it awoke a new passion inside and desire to take real estate video to another level. Companies like Platinum HD, Allan Productions and Charlie Dresen opened my eyes to the possibilities and creative freedoms available through video. The challenge was finding like minded agents that shared the same vision and that were willing to commit financially in order to make these types of videos possible. After just 3 years and nearly 600 standard real estate videos I found just the client that shared that vision. I now look forward to future opportunities to create mini movies in an industry that is ever changing and evolving. I want to thank all the other film makers here for contributing and sharing the same passion for creating inspirational films to help sell real estate and I look forward to seeing all the new videos in 2017!

Thanks for everyone’s participation in this year’s video contests.

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9 Responses to “Congratulations to Matt Van Emmerik 2016 PFRE Videographer of The Year”

  • Nice one Matt. Well-deserved for consistently excellent films that really take the RE film genre on to the next level. I look forward seeing more in 2017! All the best, Hamish

  • Congratulations Matt! Happy new year! As Hamish said, looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2017. Anders

  • Hamish and Anders – Thanks so much guys and Happy New Years to you both as well. I too look forward to seeing more of your work in 2017.

  • Congratulations Matt. Great storytelling and overall quality that stood out in a very strong group of contenders. Happy New Year.

  • Thanks very much Travis! Happy New Year!

  • Awesome stuff Matt. We haven’t met seeing as we’re both in Kelowna, but I’m very well aware of who you are!

    Big congrats and here’s (*cheers*) to an even better 2017!

  • Steve – Thanks very much and same wishes to you! Hope you have good photography gloves for this frigid weather we’re experiencing right now! Brrrrrr. Hope to meet one day!! Cheers

  • Congratulations Matt, well deserved recognition by your peers, consistently great as always. Oh and Happy New Year!!

  • Allan – Cheers and Happy New Years to you also. Thanks for the kind words!!

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