Wayne Capili’s Presentation On Getting Started In Real Estate Photography

December 30th, 2016

Last week on Christmas eve Wayne Capili posted this little Spark presentation on Facebook about getting started in real estate photography.

While I’ve done posts about Wayne’s real estate gear before I think this little presentation is important because:

  1. The presentation is a great example of how to use the Adobe Spark Page applications to make an online marketing presentation.
  2. Besides the gear, the photos in the presentation illustrate the results that Wayne gets using this gear.
  3. Wayne has also added descriptions on each photo talking about he uses the gear.

I’ve made an Amazon page that has the specific gear that’s in the bag (the tripod is my addition). There is a link to this page on the righthand sidebar of the blog under the “Recommended Getting Started Gear” title.

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6 Responses to “Wayne Capili’s Presentation On Getting Started In Real Estate Photography”

  • Thanks for sharing Wayne Capili’s presentation. He referred to something he called “Darkening Mode” to get the great window pulls! Is that a setting on the Sony camera? Just curious as I’m always struggling to improve my window pulls!



  • @Randy, Window pull using Darken mode is a technique using a flashed frame and Photoshop to get a view outside. Rich Baum has made a couple of tutorials that he has posted on YouTube:

  • @Randy – Yes, if you haven’t already have a look at this page on the blog which links to a bunch of real estate photography tutorials. The one Ken refers to above is just one of the many free useful tutorials.

  • OK – I am new at RE photography so I am not familiar with some terms for instance – Window Pull? I need some help with that term. Thanks.

  • @Max – Window pull means darkening the exposure of windows by adding more flash lighting to an interior you are “pulling” the brightness of the interior and brightness of the windows closer together. This is a classic problem when photographing interiors where the brightness of the windows can be hundreds of that of the interior.

  • I l?ke this ?ost, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.
    “We seldom attribute common sense except to those who agree with us.” by L? Rochefoucau?d.

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