How Do To Say “Thank You For A Great Year” To Your Clients?

November 27th, 2016

thankyouGeorge in NJ raises an important subject for this time of the year:

It’s that time of year when we get to be thankful for our blessings.  In years past, I’ve sent gift baskets to my bigger clients. This year with so many clients, I’m sending a package of marketing goodies and a heartfelt thank you.  I’ve done this for the past few years and my clients are quite appreciative of the sentiment. If things had worked out the way I planned, I was going to host a client appreciation day where I would offer my clients free family holiday portraits (one pose per family please!)… plus hot chocolate and donuts!

I was wondering how other people say “thank you for a great year” to their clients.

Great topic! Thanks for bringing this up!

During the 10 years I worked as a listing agent with my wife, we went to many classes for real estate agents on building your business and treating your customers right so that you get referrals from them and one thing that I recall is the importance of being personal. Like personal handwritten notes, and stopping by the office and personally thanking them face-to-face for a great year. In our increasingly impersonal digital world, personal thank-you’s are more and more important.

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4 Responses to “How Do To Say “Thank You For A Great Year” To Your Clients?”

  • A very good question and I will watch this topic closely. I don’t have that many clients, but those I do are regulars. My best client loves French Bordeaux, so I give him a nice bottle from a good producer every year. He is easy. But what does a guy buy for female clients? My wife suggests some skin care products but what to choose? Or a gift basket of edibles. But everyone has different likes for food and many dislikes. I am gormless when it comes to gift giving so all contributions here are more than welcome by this photographer.

  • For my top five clients (many thousands of dollars each a year in shoots), I give one free shoot (travel restrictions apply) in the month of December and a gift card to a nice restaurant to their, all-important, assistants. I include the assistants because they are the front-line and sometimes almost run the show. I figure that for helping to put my children through college, it’s the least I can do.

  • For my best customers, I put together a hardcopy book of the best images from their listings (I will finalize and order them in Jan). Most of my clients over 2016 had me photograph no more than 5 homes so I’m sending out a holiday card for them. In working out gifts I quantified what I already guessed, too much of my work is coming from too few clients and I need to try and spread that out more in 2017.

  • I think giving gifts to your clients is SUPER important. All my regular clients are getting a box of goodies from Hickory Farms this year (is there anyone that doesn’t like smoked cheeses and summer sausage?). I also bought some for a few clients I only worked with once or twice because I like them. What is a few hundred dollars to help strengthen relationships with clients and show them how much you appreciate them?

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