The PFRE Proofer Has OCD!

November 25th, 2016

ocdHave you noticed the change in the PFRE posts since November 4? Starting on November 4th the PFRE blog has a proofreader. His name is Roy and besides being a proofreader with OCD (Obsessive Corrective Disorder) Roy is a real estate photographer in Los Angeles, California.

Roy contacted me recently and pointed out that most of my blog posts have errors of various types (spelling, punctuation and the like). What!? How could that be? It’s probably because I don’t have OCD and because I got a C in high school English class. I’ve been getting better over the last 10+ years at doing this but I still have a way to go. Roy fixes that!

Since November 4th, Roy has been proofing all the PFRE blog posts before they go up. So all you A+ English students should be breathing a sigh of relief.

Roy does an awesome job of getting posts squeaky clean and correct! And he does it fast! If you have a website or anything you need to be squeaky clean you can get hold of Roy via his CraigsList ad or send him a message directly at:

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One Response to “The PFRE Proofer Has OCD!”

  • I never noticed. But then I think I gave up being a journalist for that reason, spelling is optional for a photographer. Thank god and so were shirts and ties at the time.

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