What Is A Good Way To Host 360 Images For Real Estate In A Tour?

November 17th, 2016

360imagesGeorge in Maryland wants to know how to host 360 images. He says:

I purchased the Theta S in order to capture still 360 degree spherical images at reasonable expense. The captured digital 360 degree images are save as JPEG images.

What can I use to create a slideshow utilizing several of these images that will retain the spherical image attributes AND will allow viewers of the slide show to pause the individual images and navigate them as 360 degree spherical images.

Yes, hosting and displaying 360 images is a classic issue for 360 images. I think the best solution is Here is an example of the kind of thing I think you are looking for that I made many years ago for one of my wife’s listings. You can make these branded or unbranded tours.

You can mix stills, 360 images and video in the same tour and all for $12 a tour when you purchase tours 10 at a time.

There are many other ways to do this but I think this is a very effective, inexpensive way for real estate photographers to provide tours with any kind of media.

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  • We use paid version



  • I recently had someone move into my small town (which has a marginal real estate client base to begin with) with a Matterport, and he’s taking a significant amount of my business. Do you think a camera like this in the video mode could compete with him? From the reviews I’ve seen, the shared video is a bit soft. Also, are you able to do any color correction with the stills? Final question, I see it has an HDR mode. Does that do a good job?

  • I am just curious what you thought of the quality of the images from the Theta S. Personally I was very disappointed. I still have my Theta S but I’m thinking about selling it. Does anyone have experience with Realtors being happy with the quality of the 360 degree images from the Theta S? Personally I am probably going to stick with taking the images with a wide-angle or fisheye and stitching together with Ptgui then assembly virtual tours in pano2vr and then use my existing hosting provider, e.g.

    As to the more specific question I would concur that Tourbuzz is most likely the best option for the specific functionality.

  • Full Frame systems has added a Panorama player to their list of features. There is also support for a Matterport embed on the property websites.

  • I have used Real Tour Vision for many years. They are supposed to be coming out with a newer and better system soon too. But if you buy 10 credits at a time, it is $10 – so a little cheaper. The tours will work with cell phones too.

    You can add 360’s, stills, movie clips to their system.

    I’m not a fan of 360’s at all though, very outdated I think. And the Matterports in my opinion is just plain “yuck”!!

  • As someone else (Ronald Castle) posted yesterday, I too am losing business to someone with a Matterport. However, someone else (Kathy Ward), said that the Matterport “is just plain ‘yuck’!!” So, what’s a Real Estate photographer to do? Do we spend the $$$$ for a device that maybe outdated tomorrow or wait and continue to lose business? In my area a photographer with a Matterport is paid $300 for 360’s and 75 still images. I deliver 35-50 images. I can’t imagine having to do the Matterport AND take 75 images! That’s just not enough profit for the cost of the Matterport and all the work, in my opinion. Besides, there aren’t a lot of Real Estate agents who want to pay the $300. Maybe business would increase, with the right realtor/home if I had a Matterport and it would pay for itself. Another local Real Estate photographer was paid $600 for outdoor drone photography and 30 indoor images of a million-dollar home. This industry is changing fast. Any thoughts out there? What are you doing to sustain your Real Estate Photography business?

  • I haven’t marketed 360 yet, takes too much time for what I charge, but I have used to show circular panos I’ve taken. I believe there is a paid version as the free version is for non-commercial use.

  • I think Kathy Ward (above) is correct; my feeling from years of doing photography and video is that MOST BUYERS (IMHO) consider the 360 degree tours – or those inserted as portions of tours – to be too tedious, time consuming (when they are looking at several posted listings), and generally not hooking a sale or an in-person showing. In addition to this, MOST SUCCESSFUL AGENTS (in my region) feel that these provide “too much information;” that is, they leave prospective buyers with no remaining curiosity.

    If you feel that you must use the 360 to grow your business or deferential yourself as better than your competition, then those suggestions above – Tourbuzz and Roundme – look pretty good (though the roundme site lacks upfront cost and “mechanics, how-to” information.

    Best of luck to you.

  • I’m a little late here as the Ricoh Theta V is now the latest 360° camera from Ricoh although the Theta S is still for sale.

    With Ricoh 360° photos you should use Cupix ( to make a virtual tour from Ricoh 360° photos. If it takes you to 10-15 minutes to capture 25-35 photos in a 2,000 – 3000 square foot house you would multiply that effort by 0 to create a tour with Cupix. There is no extra effort to create the tour, because the photos are assembled for you automatically by Cupix which is web based and also hosts the tours.

    Samples —
    – Apartment:
    – My House: (900 sqft., shot in <5 minutes with Ricoh Theta V on tripod in HDR mode)
    – House for Sale:
    – Commercial Space:
    – Convention Hall:

    NOTE: I'm writing as an employee of Cupix. What I've just described may seem like Science Fiction but I assure you it's not. Upload a set of 360° photos and Cupix makes a 3D tour. It's simple and the first time you you experience Cupix it will seem sort of amazing.

  • Hi, Jeff from Momento360 ( here. We started out as a way to share 360 images privately for families that were far apart, but have seen a lot of people using us for real estate photography as well.

    We’re optimized around mono 360 photos (e.g. Ricoh Theta, etc.) and support sharing/embedding with a minimum of fuss and as wide an audience as possible (I think some people have discovered that they can use us to embed 360s into their Matterport tours via mattertags pretty easily.). We also support videos as well as collections.

    Also, we’re free, so you can try it out! (and if you’re curious, we do intend on offering paid plans in the future but our intention is to always have a free tier). We’re planning on adding additional functionality too, so if you do take it for a spin let us know if there are specific things that would be useful.

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