Is There A Use For Lightroom Mobile In Real Estate Photography?

November 10th, 2016

lrmobilePeggy in AL was wondering if Lightroom Mobile has a use for post processing in real estate photography.

I use LR Mobile on my iPad Pro and on my iPhone but I don’t use it for real estate work because it doesn’t have the full functionality of desktop Lightroom yet. LR mobile doesn’t have lens corrections and transform features.

Since Wayne Capili told me several weeks ago that he was using and likes Lightroom Mobile I thought I’d get Wayne’s point of view on it. I asked Wayne what he likes about using Lightroom Mobile and his iPad Pro. Here is his list:

  1. Using the iPad Pro as a second screen when using a laptop.
  2. As a second screen, the iPad Pro is a pen-enabled screen when using it with Photoshop.
  3. I use Duet and AstroPad to sync the iPad with Photoshop and use the pen to do precise selections and masking.
  4. The Pro has an extended gamut and since most buyers view listings on a mobile device the iPad makes an ideal screen proofing device.
  5. When using the iPad Pro with LR mobile I have access to all the collections on my desktop catalog that I choose to sync with LR mobile. This is the real strength when using LR mobile.

Other iPad Pro Apps Wayne recommends for the iPad Pro are Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Touch.

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2 Responses to “Is There A Use For Lightroom Mobile In Real Estate Photography?”

  • No, I have never been in a situation that needs editing on the spot.

    It’s a complete waste of time LR mobile is too and I’d rather wait until I got back to the studio to see the work. The iPads screen is not that great for editing on anyway, I find that claim a little odd at best.

    I carry enough without having to carry a tablet to edit .. also my day is too long for me to edit on the go.

  • Tablets are primarily a “consumption” device. They do work well as a tethering screen, but a laptop is much more useful if it’s necessary to edit images on location (its never come up for me). I routinely have all four cores of my Mac Pro running at 90-100% when doing some tasks. An iPad or Android tablet wouldn’t be able to keep up and I would be better served waiting until I returned to the office and the desktop than waiting for a struggling tablet.

    On a busy day, a laptop is handy to ingest photos into LR while driving or photographing the next property. I apply lens corrections, add keywords/metadata and convert to .dng which takes a bit of time. Having all of that done means that when I get home, all I need to do is import the catalog and copy the images to the desktop and backup drives. A cup of tea and some classical music and I’m ready to edit from my specially selected, very comfortable desk chair.

    I’ve never tried to calibrate a tablet screen. Easy? Impossible?

    I also don’t use anything “Cloud”. I’m old fashioned, but I see too many failure points that I can’t control to rely on it. I almost never have access to wi-fi when working and certainly nothing with UL speeds that would allow me to upload a couple of gig of data in the time I’m photographing another home. T-Mobile considers 26g of data/month as the tipping point to start slowing down the connection. I can do that much in a few days and I’m not earning enough money to subscribe to a plan that would allow enough bandwidth each month to not have to worry about running out.

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