Tutorials On Sony Mirrorless Cameras By Gary Fong

October 31st, 2016

sonytutorialappsAfter Wayne Capili told us about his Sony A6000 epiphany I purchased a Sony A6300 when it came out just to appreciate the great things that Sony has been doing.

I have to admit that one of the things I’ve struggled with is learning the controls on the A6300. Despite all the great features that Sony mirrorless cameras have the controls are not intuitive for a long time Canon user. What helped me a bunch with the A6300 besides Wayne’s advice is the video tutorials that Gary Fong has.

But just this last week Gary Fong has released the first of his coming series of iPhone tutorial Apps for Sony mirrorless cameras. This first tutorial App is for the A6000 and has the A6000 controls built into the App so that when you click on a button Gary explains the function of the button. I find this a great way to learn all the buttons and menu options for someone new to the Sony. Modules for the A6300 and A7Rii will be coming soon.

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  • Until Nov. 2014, I was using the Sony A65 for all my RE photos. I averaged 1.5 hours to photograph a 3000sqft house and 1.5 hours in post to deliver 25-30 photos. I played around with the A6000 for a couple weeks to learn how to use it. The very first 3000sqft house I used the 6000 on I cut the time to photograph to 1 hour and 1 hour in post. For one thing, it cut down the weight I had to carry around. Also, the camera was set for Auto White Balance which worked great in every light situation with only slight adjustments having to be made in post. There were a few times the 16-50 kit lens was not wide enough. On the walk through, if it looked like I may need a wider lens, I attached my old sigma 10-20 + Sony adapter and used that lens for all the photos. By doing this, I only needed to make adjustments for only one lens in post.

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