Is Anyone Using The New PocketSuite App For IOS?

October 25th, 2016

pocketsuiteLast week Nina in Chicago asked me:

This link (for the PocketSuite IOS App) just came in my email today. Has anyone used it yet?

At first, I thought this was a new app. But after some research and checking out the Apple App store it appears that this application is originally launched two years ago.

The functionality for the price ($9.99/mo) appears to be quite good:

  1. It integrates with Google Calendar.
  2. Allows invoices to be sent via TXT or email.
  3. Online scheduling and intake forms.

My only concern is that they seem to be marketing the app aggressively after two years and they still don’t have an Android version of this App.

Is anyone using this App?

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7 Responses to “Is Anyone Using The New PocketSuite App For IOS?”

  • I actually just got the app and signed up, and I’ve been hesitant to start putting my client’s CC information into it! That was the best feature in my opinion- the ability to store CC numbers for future invoice payments. Still trying to verify that the company is legit before I start having clients put their CC information in.

    Seems like a good product, and their transaction fee is better than Square or Quickbooks I think.

  • I use PocketSuite for billing real estate agents. I’m considering moving everything to pocketsuite because it’s so easy to use. It really gets you thinking about minimalism and your business. The transaction fees are only 2.5% too. Its free to start.

  • Got the same thing – downloaded and have tested it out a bit. Before moving I wanted to make sure it’s not glitchy…

    Their Facebook group is a great way to read back to previous months and builds to get a good feel for what other clients have run into across multiple industries. I am still on the fence but so far I really like the UI and lower processing fees. Their scheduling system looks on par w my $19/mo Schedulista system. Maybe… maybe.

    Hoping someone else here has some feedback also!

  • I have been using it for 8 month now and I think it is wonderful.
    When you are a paying user ($9.95 per month) the transaction fee is only 1.9% vs the Square’s 3.5% (when you are actually not swiping but entering the card manually. I rarely see my clients).
    My clients love it and it is super easy for them to pay and withouthaving to give me their CC number.
    It sends out daily reminders to clients who do not pay immediately which I LOVE.
    You can enter your products into the system with prices and depost requirements and creating an invoice and billing clients is a breeze.
    You can give clients a discount with a push of a button.
    You can schedule your apointments and you can have clients pay you a deposit easily.
    You can send out contracts and fact sheets to clients before the shoot, the app is really versatile.
    You can esily see how much money you made from each client, add notes, etc.
    I love the app and using it every day. The money usually arrived to my account in about 3 days but 2 days ago they upgraded me to a power user based on my volume and and now I think it will take 1 day to get the money.

  • The only think I don’t like is not having the ability to scan a CC – correct me if I’m wrong

  • @Zoltan – Thanks for all the details!

  • Been using PocketSuite for a year: totally impressed. Saved me a ton of merchant fees. Our accounts receivable is down; clients pay faster and it so much easier.

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