Thomas Grubba Reviews Real Estate Photos on Scott Kelby’s The Grid Podcast

October 24th, 2016

thomas + Scott kelbyI got an email this last week from Thomas Grubba telling me about his appearance on KelbyTV with Scott Kelby reviewing real estate photography. The podcast is 87 minutes long but is well worth your time. Thomas critiques a bunch of real estate shots and Scott Kelby tries to make fixes to the photos while Thomas is talking. Very useful!

I was glad to hear from Thomas since I haven’t heard from him in a long time. I met Thomas way back in 2008 at the workshop we put on in Seattle where Thomas and Scott Hargis did the lighting part of the of the workshop. This was my first exposure to lighting interiors with small manual flashes. Thomas and Scott did workshops on this subject for quite a while. In fact, Scott Kelby went to one of their workshops in Santa Clarita in August of 2008.

I’ve asked Thomas to be a PFRE monthly contest juror and I’ll be adding him to the coaching page in the very near future. Also, Thomas has a real estate photography video class on that is still in the finishing stages. I’ll do a post on that when it comes online.


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9 Responses to “Thomas Grubba Reviews Real Estate Photos on Scott Kelby’s The Grid Podcast”

  • What? now I gotta renew my subscription at Kelby One?

    I look forward to the video coming out.

  • I watched this last night with amazement. Something big for me was watching Scott change some colors in photos, “Sorcery!”… I learned some tricks on PS that I had no idea about until I watched Scott do them. I literally got up from being tucked into bed to try them out. I also had no idea Thomas Grubba did classes. I am in Middle GA and have never heard of RE photography classes and if there are, they are probably in Atlanta and I don’t find out about them until months later. Please please if someone is doing classes, post on the Flickr board so others can know about them. I would love to relearn from one of these greats.

  • Larry, thanks for posting the link to this episode. I really enjoyed the blind critiques and also Scott’s quick fixes to color casts. He moves so quick in PS I’ll have to watch again to see exactly what he did lol. Once Thomas’ class is available on KelbyOne, please keep us posted. Thanks!

  • It looks like this will be an excellent video workshop. The problem I see with photographing Real Estate is agents and brokers really don’t seem to care about quality photos. All they care about is how many and cheaply they can get them. They will not pay more than $50 to $75 for a set of 30 to 50 photos. Also they want the job done in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • @Jerry – The problem you point out with photographing real estate is true but VERY location dependent. For example, my experience is that what you point out is NOT true in Seattle or Portland but it is true in the smaller more rural real estate markets in Washington and Oregon. In Seattle and Portland, nowadays agents can’t get listings unless they assure home sellers they will provide professional photography and agents routinely pay $150-$200 per shoot.

  • This was amazing, Larry. Thank you so much for sharing!

    @Jerry – In my market (Sacramento, CA) I haven’t had much trouble with charging agents over $100/shoot, but that is the going rate around here. The agents that don’t want to pay that much end up doing the photos themselves because no one around here will do it cheaper.

  • Hi All,
    First off thanks for watching, it was really fun! I agree Robin, Amy and Trish, I was amazed at how Scott worked. Got me seriously rethinking my workflow! Maybe I should go back and watch it too.

    Jerry I agree with Larry, it really depends on the area your in and what agents are used to. With that being said I have noticed agents going more for number of images over quality the last couple of years. It’s frustrating but I also feel it’s worth seeking the agents that have an eye for quality, they are usually the ones willing to pay full rates.


  • The state I live in is at or near the bottom for employment, home sales, jobs, poverty and at or near the top for crimes, drug use and car jackings. As for agents who want quality images, of the hundreds of agents/brokers I’ve met, only one will pay a reasonable price and she only sells about six houses a year. I’d move to a better place if I had the money to do it. But then I’d miss the really great things this state has to offer too, it’s the most beautiful place there is!

  • Great stuff @Thomas. Enjoyed the critique, and have the KelbyOne queued up for viewing. I’ve only been at this for a year now, but have been extremely fortunate. I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, and homes are going as quick as lemonade on a hot summer day. Even with that, agents have no problem here paying $150 and up for photos.
    I look forward to seeing your workflow.

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