Fiverr Is a Great Site To Get Video Intros Done – Like Google Earth Fly-ins

October 19th, 2016

Amy in Austin told me she is having trouble learning how to create Google Earth fly-ins at the beginning of her videos and wants to find someone who will do it for her.

Since I’ve used a number of times to get various video intros done in the past for $5 each in just one day that was the first solution that came to mind. I checked Fiverr out (put Google Earth in the search box) and yup, they have a bunch of people there that will do a Google Earth Fly-in to any given address for $5. Many real estate videographers use Google Earth fly-ins at the beginning of property videos.

Update 10/20: Rob Moreno in Boston (the first commenter below) just gave me an example of a fly-in (or just click the video to the right) that had done by a guy on Fiverr do for him (Here is the guy on Fiverr that did this fly-in for Rob). Note that this Google Earth intro cost more than $5 because it has more features than the minimum basic intro.

There are a lot of options at Fiverr for video intro animations. They can animate your business logo. What’s being offered month to month changes, I highly recommend Fiverr.

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13 Responses to “Fiverr Is a Great Site To Get Video Intros Done – Like Google Earth Fly-ins”

  • Hi Larry/Amy:

    I’m using a guy from FIVERR and WOWZIE!!!! WOWZIE!!!… this guy good! He has also done some custom GE for me with POIs. His price varies from $10 to $50 for some GE Fly-ins. The range in price is due to what customization you are requesting.

    He has done maybe 15 to 20 fly-ins for me. I can’t say enough about him. Not to mention his English writing, grammer and articulation will rival any American native English speaking person, so communication with him is very easy and there is nothing lost in translation. The down side is he is in the Netherlands and if you need something done quickly, there is the time difference – he takes maybe a day or two to render, but this depends on your order.

    Finally, my FIVERR GE guy is MIA right now. He is tending to a family matter but I think he will be back in the saddle in about a week. Sorry to take the wind out of anyone’s sails, but he is taking a little time off.

    @Larry – I will send you a “We Transfer” link with two examples of his work and maybe you can post and share to the readers of this forum?

  • …oh yea….forgot to add….He will request map coordinates and such from you should you decide to use him. He is not fussy, but helps him a ton if you get him some data that he needs.

  • Is this really something that is too difficult to learn to do yourself?

  • Fiverr is the best.
    But you need to be very specific
    Sometimes $5 becomes 15 or 20 if you have rush charges or extras.

  • I use fiverr for voice-over talent for home tour video narration when the agent doesn’t do the talking. It’s waaaay cheaper…..

  • Kara,

    Can you please share which narration person you have had good success with.


  • ROBERT, would you be willing to let me know the name of the guy in the netherlands?

    I’ve tried a few and all have bottomed out.

  • Hey Everyone:

    Here is the GE guy I use.

    He is currently tending to some family matters, which explains when you hit his site you will note that it reads “on vacation.” However, I think if you drop him a message, it is possible that he could reply. And of course, tell him Robert sent you. He knows me quite well!

    Love this guy and I always tip him! One last thing…he can do just about any type of GE and he will work with you to come up with a template. He and I have worked out three templates at different price points. So all I need to do is tell him which template to use and he plugs in the coordinates I provide him.

    Larry has three examples I sent him and I think he indicated he would post to youtube for everyone to view. I’m not sure where Larry is at in this process, so bear with him.

  • @Robert and all – I posted the longest most involved example of art4kiva’s fly-in that Robert sent me as the video at the top of this post. Here are the other two fly-ins that Robert sent me: short :26 sec fly-n with no sound.

  • Y’all are awesome – thank you! I’ll definitely be contacting Robert’s guy.

  • My video software will not accept the .kml / .kmz files put out by Google Earth, do any of you have a converter that works ?

  • To the best of my knowledge using Google Earth fly-ins for the purpose of any commercial videos is not allowed.

    These guidelines are for non-commercial use except for the limited use cases described below; if you want to use Google Maps, Google Earth, or Street View for other commercial purposes, please contact the Google Maps for Work sales team. “Commercial purposes” means “use for sale or revenue-generating purposes”.

    Pricing plans for Google Maps for Work are instead here –

  • Fiver is great for voice over; I keep a small librarly of links to different accents and send to my clients to choose. $5 to $30 is the most I have paid. Thanks for the heads up on GE Fly Ins!!!!

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