Is It Possible To Put A Clickable Hyperlink in An Ordinary Video File?

October 18th, 2016

thumbnailPaddy in Virginia has a challenging question:

I currently provide still photos and MatterPort 3D Tours to my clients but occasionally get asked about drone video. My idea as I don’t currently shoot any video is to see if I could record video (drone or otherwise) and end up at the front door with a clickable hyperlink that would then launch the 3D VT for the viewer….kind of like those YouTube videos that allow a clickable

sell through a hyperlink at the end. Of course, I want the video to be standalone (not just YouTube) so that the agents can post and share them anywhere they like and still have a usable link. I found one article about some kind of Adobe product that allegedly does it but I couldn’t make it work. Any ideas, products or service providers that anyone knows of who could make this happen would be hugely appreciated.

Here is the problem with what you want to do:

  1. In a video, edited in links can never work when displayed on the web. That is, whenever you see a video on the web with options, those options reside in the player, not in the video.
  2. When videos hosted by YouTube, iPlayerHD or other hosting sites are shared on sites like Facebook, the video is played through Facebook’s player, stripping out any features in the player – including hyperlinks.

I think the only way to do what you are wanting to do is to host your video at iPlayerHD or YouTube and use their hyperlink features that are built into their video players and then link to the hosting site when you are on sites like Facebook. My guess it that you are never going to find a solution to what you want so better do a workaround. Click on the image at the top of the post or here to see how this works with iPlayerHD.

iPlayerHD has a great bunch of video sharing features (more than YouTube) and when a video with their hyperlink feature is shared on the MLS or other real estate sites it still works.



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3 Responses to “Is It Possible To Put A Clickable Hyperlink in An Ordinary Video File?”

  • We do it all the time. We use a lot of drone video footage. You can also buy a handheld drone camera which makes it look like you are using a drone to float up to the front door. Flyovers, pans, neighborhood views, both images and video work very well. You can see more quickly at out Facebook page RKO Photography or website Good luck

  • This is a very interesting question and has several answer that may or may not be satisfactory – the least of which is to use the hyperlinks provided by the player.
    There are many types of programs out there that create hyperlinks within video – usually the less expensive ones at the very end. The easiest to use is the Pro or Commercial version of Animoto. These can be shared with players in Facebook and YouTube but the hyperlinks disappear. But if you use their embed code into a landing page or website – the hyperlink will remain at the end of the video.
    If you want to put actual hyperlinks into the video – like hotspots you can use a service like Vidyard but expect to really pay heavily for the service. Finally, using customized versions of some of the Kolor products or Garden Gnome products you can actually program your videos and stills into customized tours with all types of hyperlinks – start a fire in the fireplace as you pass over the fire place, or pour a drink from a bar and have the drink recipe pop up.
    For me this goes beyond Real Estate Photography and is more in line with Resort Photography or other Commercial Work that will pay the money it will take to justify the time you spend programming or the custom programmer.
    We do many Animoto slide shows with the links at the end for Real Estate Agents and they send this out in a bulk email customized the many to the few. We have been coaching this type of process for over 7 years and can make some really good recommendations for custom programmers.

  • What makes more sense to me would be to screen capture a video of you navigating through the matterport tour and edit it with the drone footage. That way the whole things feels connected and can be shared through any social media platform as one piece. Could even have one music track for the complete thing or narration.

    To me, the solution you are looking for might seem to disconnected for the average user as you are taking them from a video/video player to a Matterport tour in Unity. And like they mentioned, it wouldn’t have the sAmerican impact when being shared over social.

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