How To Fix Randomly Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices

October 14th, 2016

bluetoothMike in TN asked for help solving his Bluetooth keyboard disconnect problems. He says:

Sometimes switching to PS from LR, I will lose the use of my keyboard. Sometimes, by selecting another tool will restore my keyboard, but even switching back to LR my keyboard will still be useless. The only solution is restarting my iMac. It will not always happen, the longer I work in PS

the more often it happens. I tried a corded keyboard, it doesn’t happen. I believe it’s a BlueTooth problem that Adobe has, but trying to get an answer from Adobe is somewhat frustrating, they act like they’ve never heard of the problem. I’ve not seen it in any other programs, just going to PS from LR.

This is not an Adobe problem because Bluetooth keyboard connectivity is an operating system function. Adobe software never gets involved in Bluetooth, it works the same no matter how your keyboard is connected. Here is a list of typical remedies for disconnecting Bluetooth.

Once you’ve gone through the first 6 on the list, #7 (interference) should be considered. Much harder to deal with. Here are the possible sources of Bluetooth interference.

In the end, if it’s interference using your wired keyboard may be the simplest way out of this problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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One Response to “How To Fix Randomly Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices”

  • Depending on your system, I’ve found that having the OpenGL functioning can fight with a tablet or keyboard, wired or wireless. We used to be able to turn OpenGL off, though I’m not sure if that’s still an option. It’s the function that shows you the preview of what your going to clone (among other things). It requires a lot of real time processing to operate well, and it can create temporary bottlenecks, or loss of function for some components. Or the computer can just freeze up for a few minutes. I’ve found that I can sometimes just unplug the keyboard or tablet, and it’ll fix it without rebooting. Very annoying. I run a Mac Mini and a windows tower, and both experience the problems your talking about, but it random. Sometimes days or weeks, sometimes daily. Neither of my computers are terribly beefy, so I attribute the bottleneck to me being too cheap to upgrade them. I would say that Mac, Windows, & Adobe have managed to minimize these problems pretty well with subsequent upgrades to their software, considering what I’m running though these machines everyday.

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