Evlaa – A Lightroom Plugin That Allows Your Client To Easily Review A Shoot

September 26th, 2016

evlaaLast week Martin from explained the Evlaa Lightroom plugin that allows you to create a private collection of images in Lightroom that your client can review, rate and comment on from a SmartPhone, tablet or computer. This plugin streamlines the process of having your client review images.

While many real estate photographers probably don’t put a lot of energy into client review, there are some that could make use of this functionality.

I tried it out. It works quite well. Anyone can try it out, free for 15 days. After that it’s quite reasonable (54€/year or 6€/month). If you need help getting going there are a bunch of good tutorials one their support page.

Check it out and give it a try.

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One Response to “Evlaa – A Lightroom Plugin That Allows Your Client To Easily Review A Shoot”

  • For nearly all RE photography I suggest NOT offering the client a selection/review option. This slows down the process and customers will want to see several compositions of each room. There will be much dithering and every extra minute of interacting with the client on a job is more cost to produce that job. If you are catering to agents and offices that specialize in home over $2-3 million, you may be required to allow them to review images and should build that service into the price along with factoring in having to shoot several compositions of each room/space. Most agents want to have images to post as soon as possible. Image review can add another day or two to delivery unless you are sitting at the computer ready to finish the order the second you receive their picks and treatment requests.

    I’m a big cheapskate and would be more likely to build a gallery in LightRoom to send to the customer or a create a slideshow from LR that can be reviewed from my website before I would invest in another service or additional software. There are lots of plugins to simplify doing things in LR that can already be done in LR if you just look.

    Wedding photographers have found that it’s faster to schedule a meeting with customers for final selections than to keep sending out galleries and waiting for them to make decisions in their own time. The final payment on a wedding package is often most of the profit on a job, so nailing down the deliverables is important. Even if you are getting paid up front for RE work, it’s good to close out each job quickly too so you don’t wind up in the situation where the agent took a couple of days to make up their mind and now needs the images in a couple of hours to get the listing up before the weekend and you are out on another job.

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