New Video Training on Shooting Kitchens by Scott Hargis at

August 30th, 2016 just released another episode of Scott Hargis’s real estate photography video class.

Back in June of this year, we featured Scott’s first class on which covers the basics of doing a real estate shoot. Scott now has three episodes in his real estate photography class.

This most recent episode covers shooting kitchens. Scott walks you through all the aspects of shooting a kitchen. Composition, styling (at a level that real estate photographers should do), lighting and post processing in Lightroom. Scott also goes into how to approach going beyond just delivering a shot for your client and explains that getting good a shooting kitchens can lead to raising the level of your business to shoot for designers and remodelers.

Scott says that another episode on the subject of shooting twilight exteriors is very close to being released.

For those not familiar with, the way works is that you can get access to all content for $25/mo so you can watch all of Scott’s classes on for just $25 as long as you do it in one month and then cancel your monthly subscription.

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6 Responses to “New Video Training on Shooting Kitchens by Scott Hargis at”

  • Just finished watching your new Kitchen video. As usual you did a great job. Looking forward to more video’s on interior and real estate photography by you. You make lighting look so easy and for some reason I struggle with it.

  • I also just finished watching Scott’s Video. Excellent work as always Scott! Keep em coming! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Larry!

  • The $25 per month is well worth it but many public libraries offer access via their own websites with a library card. Such an amazing benefit and worth checking into!

  • Just finished watching Scott’s video on Lynda. Another great video from Scott Hargis. I really like his emphasis on the kitchen as the center of the home and on getting as much in-camera as possible. I’m looking forward to his video on twilight exteriors.

  • For those not aware, if you have LinkedIn Premium membership, (they own it) is included for no additional cost.

  • Loved it!

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