Congratulations Aaron Kraft – August PFRE Photographer Of The Month

August 21st, 2016

2016AugustAaronKraftCongratulations to Aaron Kraft of Jackson, Wyoming who the jury as voted PFRE Photographer of the month for August 2016. Aaron’s stunning daylight exterior photo won by a huge margin!

Here are all the entries that the jurors awarded points to this month:

  1. Aaron Kraft
  2. Tony Colangelo
  3. Barry MacKenzie – Photo deleted from the contest pool by entrant
  4. Caleb Vandermeer
  5. Gary Kasl
  6. Michael Lefebvre
  7. Ryan Wicks
  8. Nathan Philps
  9. Paula Cheese

Here are Aaron’s comments on the winning photo:

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this amazing community of like minded photographers.  By allowing each other to understand how an image or how a business decision is made, we all benefit and are able to create work that is more interesting and more beneficial to our clients.  I know that I have learned a ton from everyone in this community who is willing to share their work.

This image was made on one of the four sessions that I was asked to come back and photograph this unique property for the listing agent.  During the summers in Wyoming, it’s not uncommon to endure the smoke from nearby wildfires and this shoot fell during a particularly smokey month.  The smoke during the day was so thick that I couldn’t even see the Grand Teton mountain range from the property, which is a huge selling point, but during my evening session, the smoke settled in the valley.  The setting sun created beautiful colors and the now visible mountain range, became just a sawtooth silhouette.  Catching the setting sun between the walls of windows in this contemporary home, I was able to create this image from two slightly different, ambient exposures. The best, or most interesting part of the shoot came after I finished my traditional twilight images.  I was then invited inside by the very quirky and wealthy, English homeowner to have one of the most awkward conversations of my life while his private chef cooked me a gourmet dinner that I was to eat, alone, in front of the homeowner. Overall, it was a great home to add to my portfolio.

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11 Responses to “Congratulations Aaron Kraft – August PFRE Photographer Of The Month”

  • Absolutely killer shot! Congrats Aaron. Well done.

  • To say that your win is well-deserved is an understatement … the contest was won the moment you entered it! An absolutely *spectacular* shot, Aaron. Congrats!!

  • Congratulations, Aaron! Such a wonderful shot.

  • Wicked shot, Aaron! Congrats!

  • Great shot. What a view! 🙂

  • Don’t see Barry’s shot when looking at Flickr?

  • Congrats Aaron on a wonderful shot!

  • Congratulations Aaron! Incredible image!

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. I got lucky with the sunset over the Tetons on a particularly smokey evening.

  • Congratulations Arron, Nice work.

    And nice work from all the entries also.

  • That shot is so killer Aaron! Congrats on the win.

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