Real Estate Photographers Make Sure You Are Not Using Adobe Flash ASAP

August 14th, 2016

Occupy-Flash-Logo-658x297About a year ago I described why you should make sure your website or tours don’t use Adobe Flash. I’m always amazed when I find a real estate photographer who is still using a product that uses Adobe Flash. Flash can’t be seen on any iPhone or iPad. Back in 2007 when this all started one could easily blow it off. Not anymore. Massive numbers of agents and home sellers use iPhones and iPads so using Adobe Flash in any way eliminates all these viewers.

This recent article in announces that:

Google is finishing what Steve Jobs started six years ago.

It will “de-emphasize” Adobe Flash in its Chrome browser, the company announced on Tuesday. By December, Adobe Flash will no longer be turned on by default in Chrome, which is used by 50% of people on desktop, according to estimates.

In fact, Google Chrome will block most instances of Adobe Flash by September.

So I highly recommend that all real estate photographers check your website and the tours or slide shows you are using to:

  1. Make sure you are not using Adobe Flash.
  2. Verify that your sites and tours look good on SmartPhones and Tablets.

Otherwise, you will lose another big group of viewers: visitors that use Google Chrome.

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One Response to “Real Estate Photographers Make Sure You Are Not Using Adobe Flash ASAP”

  • It is not just about being able to view it on various devices/browsers. It has some serious security issues that let hackers do some pretty nasty things to people who innocently visit your site.

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