What About Self Hosted Slide Shows?

August 10th, 2016

TourBuzzJohn in Texas asks:

I did a quick search on the PFRE blog and did not see any recent discussion about tools that can be used to create and host slideshows. Any suggestions?

The last post I did on real estate photographer hosted slide shows was here, back when SlideShoPro discontinued their product. Probably the best alternative for hosting your own simple slide shows is Juicebox.

I used to talk about slideshows a lot because as a long time software developer I did my own slideshows for years. However, I haven’t talked about slideshows for some time because:
  1. I find the majority of real estate photographers are not into creating their own slide shows because:
    • It takes a lot of work to come close to the quality of slideshows that a provider like does for $12 each.
    • Some agents want branded tours, and some want simple tours.
    • Some agents want video clips, 360 images maps etc, etc.
  2. Nowadays you can’t use Flash because it doesn’t work on IOS. This is a huge problem since massive numbers of agents and home buyers use IOS.

So my advice is, don’t fool around with trying hosting your own tours. Use some kind of tour product. They  typically have every feature your client can think of and then some. Here are the tour vendors recommended by PFRE readers.

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9 Responses to “What About Self Hosted Slide Shows?”

  • Why do agents still want a slide show? The client just looked through all of the photos and now you think they want to watch those same photos with classical music? That’s not marketing!

  • Larry, I agree with you. With services like you not only get an editable slide show that will carry video as well but an entire site that markets the property and agent/broker, local schools, Google Map/Satellite, basic brochure and as much of a description as your client wants. Plus the site will then be submitted to the internet and

    Then the client can embed the tour into a page on their website, send the URL to anyone in an email, show previous examples to potential sellers and give existing sellers the confidence they are working hard to get them all over the internet. Oh yes, and people looking for properties can be impressed with the professionalism of the agent they would be working with. Might actually help sell the property. So they market the agent/agency as well as the property for sale. A win-win situation.

  • Jason,
    I absolutely agree that a tour that only recycles that same photos on the MLS is a waste of money. However, a slideshow that features more photos, details, floor plans, and all the other items Peter mentioned add value to the marketing as a whole.

  • All good points. The issue with some MLS websites is that the quality of the images is not as high as with slideshow pro before it went out of business. I now use juice box pro to self host. While not as good as slideshowpro, it’s high res on all devices and is not flash dependent. If you used slideshowpro, setting up juice box is similar in difficulty.

  • I ALWAYS use a virtual tour slideshow…so many benefits. Check out My Visual Listings.

  • WordPress users can self-host their slideshows using NextGEN Gallery (free) or NextGEN Pro for more fine tuned control over the slideshow.

  • The first response, from Jason, nailed it. What good is a slide show of the same photos the viewer JUST saw On the mls? Floor plans, if the agent has them, guaranteed are On the mls with other pertinent docs. Finally, slides shows have virtually Zero search engine indexing,meaning they do not pop up in search results and they won’t be seen unless the viewer is directed toward them.

    All of the above is why video is the best marketing tool available. But,having said that, agents love slideshows so we give the people what they want.

  • John – wanted to chime in and let you know about Spotlight Home tours certainly hosts virtual tour windows. We fell into the business and have been loving it. Windows host 3D virtual tours, Video, Slideshows and floorplans.

    Check it out at message me directly if you have any questions.

  • Making and hosting a simple slide show (virtual tour) is fairly easy. I use the WOW Slider program to make them ( I just order the pictures in a directory and bring them into the program and generate the slide show files. Upload the files to my website and give the link to the agent. It also includes files for incorporating into an agents website, although I have not had any agents express interest in that yet. Once the order of pictures is done, it only takes a couple minutes to make the slideshow.

    The biggest downside to the program is that the pan/zoom transitions are random, you can’t pick which one you want to use on a particular transition.

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