Establishing Shots: Tutorial Recommended By Lyndon Davey

August 1st, 2016

EstablishingShotsRecently, Lyndon Davey, a PFRE video juror in Perth, AU recommended this video tutorial on establishing shots. Lyndon says:

I came across this video the other day – Establishing shots: why they are important and how to film them by a guy called Matt Johnson.
Although it is wedding specific a lot of what he talks about got me thinking about how relevant this is to real estate video – establishing location, how interiors flow etc.

A quick run through the comments section and a lot of other videographers mentioned how they could use these principles for what they do as well (outside of weddings) so I thought it may be of some interest to your PFRE video readers.

Yes, I agree. This seems useful beyond just wedding videos.

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3 Responses to “Establishing Shots: Tutorial Recommended By Lyndon Davey”

  • I found this guy’s video really useful and i am a stills photographer. the message is clear : consider the viewer when creating a property video or even a series of images for a web gallery or RE listing. because we have visited and experienced the location in three dimensions, we have a far greater feel for the site . the challenge is to translate that out via a short film or set of stills.. and the suggestion that we include establishing shots with probably a wide angle view is something i will take with me to my next shoot. I shot a house this week for an architect.. The homeowner told me that when they we lookng for places to buy they at first told the agent they weren’t interested in viewing this house as they felt there wasn’t enough space to build a garage/annexe.. the agent’s photo listing hadn’t described the full extent of the grounds. the agent persevered, the house was sold and that gargae got built! thanks Larry for your searching the web daily for such useful information while we are either peering through the back of our cameras or immersed in Lightroom !

  • For stills, having a wide establishing shot can show the flow of the home and how the rooms connect. Those images don’t have to be wide angle, they can be framed and ordered to show how rooms connect to each other. This is one of the things I have been working on getting right. I’ve always sent out galleries logically sequenced, but now I’m composing the pictures that go in between. Most of them I can get in short time and I don’t photograph every possible combination.

  • Great video and a good reason we can all learn and apply in our real estate video. Too often we jump right into the home before we even have a good idea of where the home is located.

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