The Second Edition Of Simon Maxwell’s Enfuse E-book Is Now Available

June 28th, 2016

Enfuse2.0I’m proud to announce that Simon Maxwell and I have finished the Second Edition of Simon’s e-book that used to be called Enfuse For Real Estate Photography and is now called Enfuse and Hand Blending In Photoshop For Real Estate Photography. We changed the name of the e-book slightly because Simon has added four chapters on the popular subject of hand blending in Photoshop. We thought that it makes sense to add material on hand blending techniques because in many ways it is related to the Enfuse technique.

Update: If you didn’t get a copy of the new edition and think you should have contact me via the green “Contact Larry” button on the upper right side of the blog rather than leaving a comment below.

Here are some important facts about the release of this new edition:

  1. The size of the book has gone from 144 pages to 259 pages. There are six new chapters.
  2. The price of the e-book has not changed.
  3. As with all PFRE e-books, everyone who has purchased this e-book in the past will get a free copy of the new edition. If you purchased the book in the past you should have already gotten an e-mail with a download link. They were sent out today (6/28). Note that as with all PFRE download links, they only last for 120 hours or 5 download tries.
  4. E-book update download links are sent to the e-mail addresses used to purchase the original Enfuse e-book.
  5. This new edition of the book is also included with Simon’s video series although the new material in the book has not yet been added to the video series. There is no commitment as to when the new material will be added to the video series although it is Simon’s intent to add the new material to the video series. Simon is a busy man, shooting interiors all over the UK and the EU.

To put Simon’s e-book in perspective: There are two primary techniques for shooting interiors one where you use flash gear to light interiors ( Scott Hargis’s e-book and videos) and the other approach is shooting multiple frames and combining them in post-processing (Simon Maxwell’s e-book and videos). Real estate photographers tend to prefer one or the other based on a variety of personal preferences. Based on past polls the split between PFRE readers that use the two approaches is very roughly 50/50.

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9 Responses to “The Second Edition Of Simon Maxwell’s Enfuse E-book Is Now Available”

  • Great update! 🙂

    But all the overall picture quality in the new document is bad due to high compression PDF. Reading the figures is impossible.

    Old version: 48,1 MB. New version: 6,1 …

  • While the text content of Simon’s book is great the image captures leave a lot to be desired. The low res and softness of the screen captures and images are so poor that it makes them totally unusable. On my 5K screen I couldn’t even read the Photoshop panels to see what Simon was actually doing and it was difficult to see what actually had been done in the before and after shots.

  • Some very good additional content that many will find useful but unfortunately I couldn’t recommend the new version of this book. Words great and thoroughly excellent, they are bang on track but photographs are reproduced so poorly it becomes meaningless. I am sure its a glitch but it def needs fixing…..

  • Thanks for the feedback from everyone. I’ll be sending out a higher res version today… sorry about that.

  • I just send out a higher res version. So everyone should have the download link soon.

  • Higher Res version now out and whilst I have only taken a very quick look the issues seem to have been fully resolved…..really great book that provides a thoroughly comprehensive explanation of this method with some fantastic example images. Great read, great value and you wont regret purchasing. Simon Maxwell knows his stuff!

  • Thank you for both, Simon and Larry, for this fabulous update and the second, high res version of the book you just sent out today (the 29th). I can’t wait to read the new chapters.

    Talk about great and responsive service!

    I am so grateful for all the professionals here who take the considerable time to create lessons and offer help. Such generosity.

  • I don’t know if you’ve already sent out the update link for Simons book or not? I very interested in the updated chapters. I actually printed the last copy and go to it frequently.

  • Great update! This book along with Scott’s Lighting for interiors are very educational.

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