What Are Good Sources For Errors and Omissions Insurance In Canada?

June 15th, 2016

InsuranceHeather in Canada wants to know:

My friend has a Real Estate Photography business in Canada and we are looking at partnering up to provide additional services such as home measurement and floorplans. The realtors she has spoken with, want the service but also want her to be insured for it. Some of her competitors here, do advertise that they’re fully insured. She has been having difficulty finding information on errors and omissions insurance through her insurance broker. I’ve heard that it can be difficult to obtain it without a professional designation, is this true? Do you know of any insurance companies in Canada that would offer this to a photographer? How much should we be covered for?


Hopefully, there are some Canadian readers that can help out Heather with her question. We’ve talked about this subject before but not specifically in relation to Canada. Here are some general suggestions:

  1. When I google “errors and omissions insurance Canada” I get a lot of options. Have you tried any of these?
  2. In the US the Professional Photographers Association is a popular option for getting good prices on insurance. You could check out (Professional Photographers of Canada) for similar benefits. This would also take care of the professional designation issue.
  3. Most real estate photographers spend from $500 to $1200/year USD for insurance. That gives around $1M liability coverage and around $10,000 coverage for equipment. Errors and omissions insurance is usually separate.

Can anyone in Canada suggest a good insurance broker for Heather?

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4 Responses to “What Are Good Sources For Errors and Omissions Insurance In Canada?”

  • The PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) does offer insurance through the organization that includes errors and omissions. You fan find them at

  • E&O insurance can be very expensive. If it’s uncommon among your competitors, you may be putting yourself in a higher cost bracket. I know that in some countries such as the Netherlands, measurements in floorplans have to be within certain tolerances by law. In that instance, having E&O insurance is a good idea. If you can get by with guaranteeing to the agent that you will fix any errors and can put a disclaimer on the bottom of floorplans, E&O insurance may be a waste of money.

    I’d make sure that the agent is asking for E&O insurance specifically and that when competitors claim that they are “fully insured” that they are including E&O. “Fully insured” doesn’t have a legal meaning and many use the term because it sounds reassuring. It’s like new agencies reporting on guns. Every rifle becomes a “high powered assault rifle” or a “high powered hunting rifle” capable of killing a large African animal and never just “rifle”.

  • If you need to E&O insurance just for floor plans then instead put a comprehensive disclaimer on the finished plan, along the lines of >>not to scale; approximate square footage; plan not to be used for valuation purposes; plan for layout guidance only etc.

  • Hi Heather:

    We just went through a similar situation. After much research here are some insurance companies that have experience with photographers and professional liability insurance
    Aon Reed Stenhouse – They have an office based out of Burlington Ontario that can package photography with professional liability.
    CG&B group
    Front Row Insurance – you will have to contact them directly to get a quote on E&O

    Good luck!

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