At You Can Get A 3D Printed Sphere of Any 360 Image

May 22nd, 2016

ScandyAfter talking with Stephen Hawkins from which is a new company that can 3D print your 3D scanned objects I had one of my favorite old 360 images 3D printed. I shot the 360 image way back in 2003 (before I’d even heard of 3D printing). The image is of the inside of the old Triple XXX Drive Inn in Issaquah, WA.

All I had to do to get my 360 3D printed was to upload the equirectangular image from the 360 to the site and submit the order. In about a week my sphere of the Triple XXX 360 came in the mail. It’s kind of cool to hold your 360-image in your hand. Here is an explanation and illustration of how the image is printed. The sphere is created from scratch with the image embedded in it. Actually, the new Theta 360 camera creates images that can be printed this way.

If you shoot 360s, I’m thinking this could be an interesting agent client gift for a homeowner that is interested in 360 images. In shooting 360s for 10 years I find some home owners are really excited about 360 images and some homeowners don’t care about them. You can easily spot both types.


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2 Responses to “At You Can Get A 3D Printed Sphere of Any 360 Image”

  • Just a heads up, there’s an autoplay audio file on the Triple XXX Drive Inn site that may be a bit NSFW!

  • @Aric – NSFW?? No way! That is Brenda Lee’s 1960 song “Sweet Nothin’s”! Back in the 60’s when the Triple X drive Inn was in it’s hayday Sweet Nothin’s was at the top of the charts. See:

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