Do You Offer Virtual Staging As A Product With Your Real Estate Photography?

May 15th, 2016

I recently had a conversation with Marcus from Marcus was taking issue about some of the things I’ve said on the blog in past posts about virtual staging.

Marcus made the following arguments:

…We use our own system to create beautiful looking furniture in the homes or listings of those empty properties, or we take actual furniture that is in the homes and replace it with furniture that our client wants.

Now, to combat one of your statements about how actual staging is better for the potential buyer to see in that home… that is not always the case. For one, we have done research and came across many potential buyers that say, when at the actual listing, they would rather envision what they would put into the room than seeing someone else’s furniture in that area. Two, we have clients that blow up our virtually staged photos and have them propped up in that specific room to show what the room looks like furnished…

I guess what has influenced me on this subject is that my wife has always been fanatical about staging our upper-end listings when they were empty. Certainly, there are situations where home sellers and agents are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on actual staging but are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on virtual staging and perhaps they are not as concerned as my wife is about the buyers experience when the walk in the front door.

Since it’s never been very clear to me how popular virtual staging is I’d like to take a shot a measuring it’s popularity with the poll below. I get a lot of input from those that are promoting virtual staging but I think it would be useful for everyone to see what the overall experience of the PFRE community is. Please take the poll. Thanks.

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10 Responses to “Do You Offer Virtual Staging As A Product With Your Real Estate Photography?”

  • Larry, maybe it is just my browser (chrome) but your poll is being crunched by the side stripe…

  • OK, see the problem now, when the site is expanded, it is hidden

  • @Jerry – Yes, it was to wide the way it was, I had to put the poll at the bottom so people with iPads can see and take the poll to. Thanks

  • Larry,

    You should add one more possible response – “No, I do not offer virtual staging at this time, but plan to add it in the future”

  • What are clients willing to pay for this service?

  • When a house for sale does not have furniture, we include virtual staging created by

    We also use this company to created 2D floor plans from the Matterport Spaces 3D Tours.

    Rather than offer as an optional extra, we bundle everything into one price.



  • @Rich – Unfortunately, once I create a poll like this I cannot edit it or I lose all the votes.

    @Allison – Virtual staging services charge from $60 to $90 per photo to add furniture so you have to just pass that on to the customer. Expensive, sure but the point is it is much cheaper than real staging.

  • We have been using virtual staging for years through various vendors including two major clients that use Thomasville Furniture. We have developed relationships with the vendors that allow us to choose the best method and pricing for each job we quote with the service. We find that we don’t do this as much for homes as we do for our commercial real estate photography work. We provide empty vs staged images for our clients – usually a model apartment which we have an update service annually if they want it – allowing for changes in taste in interior design fads. We also do this for our medical office REIT that we shoot nationally with office furniture from a specific vendor. We have a national client – an apartment chain that uses us for photography in the Southwest as well as virtual staging from Thomasville on all of their vacant model units. The advantage here is that the furniture can all be purchased by the new tenants if they want to decorate using the same furniture as the model. We have done this as well for model homes. Finally, we not only use national furniture outlets, a variety of virtual staging companies, but we have also used students from various architecture and design programs to create a virtual staging for us as well. To date we have not moved into 3D virtual staging yet or walk through virtual stagings.

  • Hello all & Larry,

    I appreciate the blog that was posted about our conversation and what we do as a company. I love to spark conversation on new innovative things.

    How I truly feel… Up until now, I think that the type of virtual staging that is offered has not been sufficient enough to warrant the price or change over from actual staging. We offer something truly revolutionary that no other company in the world offers. This service creates a 3d virtual realistic view of furniture, and wraps it into a specific photo… rather than placing virtual furniture copy on top of a photo to create a 2d look. It is truly amazing the type of staging we can offer through an empty room or a room that needs “furniture replacement”. This is something that will save potential clients thousands and thousands of dollars and give them the look they are striving for…. Which is to get furniture into their empty photos.

    Now of course, we work mainly with realtors rather than photographers. So, i’m sure that the need for staging would come from the realtor using us after they have worked with professional photographers rather than asking the professional to do the virtual staging for them.

    We think that with our combined knowledge of real estate and our state of the art staging services, we can offer something no one in this world can do.

    Finally, I would love for any of you to try us for yourself. So in saying that, here is a 15% discount code “PFRS” to use. We really want to grow our reach and show that we don’t offer just virtual staging. We offer an amazing, futuristic, service that will propel listings to being sold and saving on the cost of spending thousands on actual staging.

    Again, thank you for the post. I appreciate shedding light on our company and what we offer.

    Our website:
    Here is a quick link to a before and after that we did –

    Hope to work with you all very soon,
    Marcus Cortese
    Virtually Staged Rooms

  • I’m using these guys, probably the most affordable so far I have seen with very photo realistic renders.

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