Brandon Cooper And Family Have Evacuated Fort McMurray and Are Safe

May 4th, 2016

I just got off the phone with Tony Colangelo who called me to let me know that Brandon Cooper in Fort McMurray, Alberta was able to get out of Fort McMurray safely with his family, camera gear and the clothes on their back last night.

For those of you, that haven’t heard the entire 80,000 plus population of Fort McMurray, Alberta has been ordered to evacuate the area because of a massive wildfire.

Brandon is still planning to attend Barry and Tony’s workshop in Scottsdale this weekend.

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7 Responses to “Brandon Cooper And Family Have Evacuated Fort McMurray and Are Safe”

  • Great news indeed! I was just thinking about him.
    So terrible but at least Brandon and his family are safe.

  • I can’t imagine what Brandon & Family are going through. Thankful they got out safely. It’s surprising to see he will be still attending the workshop. Looking forward in meeting him at the workshop this weekend as I will be there as well. If you need anything let me know.

    I live in Western Montana where we it seems the the summers are hotter and dryer than they use to be. IMHO We experience fire danger almost every summer. Having firers this early is not what one would like to see.

  • Glad they made it out safely.
    I’ll be attending the workshop this weekend as well and look forward to meeting everyone.

  • Brad and I are so happy to hear that Brandon and his family are safe. We are praying for all the families who had to evacuate and uproot their lives in Fort McMurray. We look forward to meeting Brandon at Tony’s workshop this weekend and if there is anything we can do for him to make his life a little easier – we will be there for him.

    Sometimes when tragedy hits we need to take a break and do something that lifts us back up. When 9-11 happened, I had pre- scheduled quilting workshop and decided to go to put some normalcy into my life. I was grateful they hadn’t cancelled. It was one of the best decisions I made towards clearing my mind and facing the days ahead.

    This is a good time to examine our lives, insure that we live full lives and don’t just work, work, work. Learn to appreciate our families and community. We should thank G-d (or whatever you believe in) that we are so fortunate to live in a world where we care about our fellow humans. And, of course, lets continue to pray for a quick and safe ending to the disasters and war throughout the world.

  • I was thinking of Brandon, and glad to hear he made it out safely. Although I can’t imagine the ordeal ahead of him and his family as they rebuild from this terrible tragedy. I lived in Alberta for 6 years in the 80’s and love that province. Also thanks for posting the video from The National on CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. I worked at CBC for 31 yrs before retiring and starting my photography business, which is only just getting off the ground.

    Love this site with all the information and learnings. Thanks for all you do to promote and further professional Real Estate Photography Larry.

  • Thanks a lot, Brandon….! I’ve been having to ps blue skies into my pics for several days now due to the heavy smoke, and I’m pretty sure the drone had less satellites to lock onto πŸ˜‰

  • I saw Brandon at the photo workshop in Scottsdale this weekend. The last evening of the workshop he received a picture and his house was still standing. That made him feel a bit better. I can’t image what him, his family and all the people of Fort McMurray are going through. God Bless!

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