Congratulations Sharon and Lyndon Davey – PFRE Property Video March/April

May 2nd, 2016

SharonLyndonCongratulations again for the second video contest in a row won by Sharon and Lyndon Davey of Rockingham (just South of Perth) Western Australia. Here is their winning video. Sharon and Lyndon are a husband and wife team that shoot property video for their listings. Sharon does the on-camera work and Lyndon does the camera and editing work.

Here are the ranking results of the video jury’s voting:

  1. Sharon & Lyndon Davey, Rockingham (Perth), Australia
  2. Joshua Vernon-Rogers
  3. Charlie Rount-Turner
  4. Paul Martinez
  5. Peter Bently
  6. Patrick Bertolini
  7. Don Wagner
  8. Jeff Griggs
  9. Jim Altieri
  10. Greg Twemlow
  11. Charles Mackenzie-Hill
  12. Peter D’aprix
  13. Candace Kuzmarski

Patrick Bertolini and Peter Bently tied for 5th place and Jeff Griggs and Jim Altieri tied for 7th place. Thanks to Charlie Dresen, Hamish Beeston, and Tom Tezak for taking the time to comment on the entries!

Here are Sharon and Lyndon’s comments:

What a great honor to be recognised.  Considering the high standard of videos again this month we’re a bit shocked! Thank you to Larry for the work he puts in here and for all the busy people in this community who contribute so much.

Just a few comments on how we structured our plan for this video.

Opening with a time lapse – this was the start of a bit of a new strategy for us. The idea is to open our videos with something that’s visually pleasing and hopefully interesting (with a local location relevance ) with the aim of perhaps shifting the viewer’s emotional state to another place as quickly as possible.

Mix of twilight shots and daytime – If I have the chance I will always try to get to the photo shoot both to see if I can get some shots for the video and it’s a great chance to scout out the property in preparation for the video which we usually shoot the morning after while the home is still staged. Our photo shoots are almost exclusively twilights now so getting video while you’ve got a flash going off around you can be a bit challenging – however, our photographer will always work with us if there is a few particular shots we are after. We had an awesome sunset and it was Frank our pro tog who suggested getting the time lapse of the sunset over the pool – I knew as soon as I saw the result I had the closing scene.

The Travis Rowan effect – Hamish Beeston (one of the judges) kindly commented on the effect we used (at 2:05 in the vid) on the shutters to demonstrate how you can close off the outside area. Our ‘inspiration’ for this effect came from Travis’s award winning (July 2014) video If you’re looking for some inspiration for your real estate videos check out Travis’s work – his work is stunning.

There was such a mix of different styles of videos this month – from Joshua’s funky cottage in Rozelle to Charles’s Spanish villa (love your work Charles – you really do get to sell some amazing properties!) – a really great mix. And technical challenges aside and video lengths and all that other stuff we ‘judge’ our videos by what I really felt in all the videos this month was their sense of ‘intent’ – and by that I guess I mean the spirit in which the videos were produced. To me, there was an overall sense of really trying to present the properties in their best possible light – regardless of the style of video.

And that leads me to comment on perhaps why I feel video is such a powerful marketing tool – it is ‘forgiving’ in a way that perhaps photos aren’t and if the correct ‘intent’ is there the video will achieve it’s result regardless of style. But it still remains that for us that it’s the photos lay the path – if our photography is not up to standard potential buyers will simply not bother to watch the video – that is why it’s crucial to make the two work together.

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3 Responses to “Congratulations Sharon and Lyndon Davey – PFRE Property Video March/April”

  • Really well done guys. Excellent work and you’ve really taken it up a notch this time. Great call to open with a sequence designed purely to get emotions up and running. It worked brilliantly!

  • Congrats again. Great approach and execution on the visuals, audio and edit. I’ve been wanting to use that song for the last year, you beat me to it! Nice choice.
    Thanks for the gracious shout out too.

  • Congratulations Sharon & Lyndon. Exlclent video and presentation. Also many thanks for the mention.
    Regards.Charles In Spain

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