Rich Baum Is Doing Regular Real Estate Photography Tutorials

April 26th, 2016

RichBaumRich Baum, in Sacramento, is now doing regular real estate photography tutorials.

Last week Rich told me:

I have recently started posting several short, quick tutorials on shooting and editing for RE photography. These are simple tutorials giving photographers an easy alternative to produce a better product without more gear and needing to do light-painting to get a superior product.
I am not sure these would be something you would like to put a link on your Blog but as I feel so many people were interested in my Pole Photography 101 post these might also be a good addition to your information.

I have also coached several photographers lately with tremendous success so I know this information really works.

Here is the link to the videos:

I plan to continue with several videos a week and eventually step it up with better and more produced content, but the goal will always be towards the “day to day” RE photographer and how to make it easier and faster to “Make our Day” and still produce a better product. I want to steer people away from feeling they need to do extensive light painting and complicated editing to get a better image, but for those (like me) that use the Scott Hargis method but want to use a few more tricks to help get in and out quickly.

What I’ve decided to do is to expand the page I have that used to just link to Simon Maxwell’s free Lightroom tutorials to also have links to Rich Baum’s and Brian Kellogg’s free tutorials. I’ve also renamed the link on the right sidebar of the blog to be “Free Real Estate Photography Tutorials.”

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16 Responses to “Rich Baum Is Doing Regular Real Estate Photography Tutorials”

  • Rich’s videos are informal, but great. I like the bite sized portions concentrating on just one main technique.

  • Rich’s tutorials are short, to the point, and right on target! Just as impressive has been his genuine interest in helping others improve their skills and ability. Thanks Larry for recognizing his contributions and Rich for your selfless commitment to improving RE photography for everyone.

  • Rich’s tutorials have a wealth of information in them. Put together in an informal way that makes it easy to understand and follow along! They have already cut time and frustration off of my workflow!

    Thanks Rich!

  • I am a recent recipient of Rich’s coaching and it was a huge help. I just love how open this group and industry is to help others be better and spread the wealth of knowledge. Most businesses desperately try to hold on to their secrets for competitive advantage. This is very refreshing. Love the videos Rich.

  • While the tutorials are a bit informal, I was able to understand and get the message much faster than some of the more formal tutorials out there. Great job and look forward to viewing them all when I get the time.

    Myself, I like to view these and learn different techniques than what I may be doing. Sometimes they are better with results, a lot of times they are quicker with the same results.

    Thanks Rich

  • I just checked-out Rich’s YouTube Channel and saw this video ( on the PPA Sky Swap Photoshop Action product:

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience working with this product week-in-week-out on a variety of sky-replacement images?


  • Rich does an excellent job of explaining his technique. its well worth your time to watch these. If anything his techniques will add another arrow to your quiver.

    Thanks Rich

  • Watched a couple of them, great quick tutorials, learned useful stuff already!
    Thanks Rich and as mentioned above the whole PFRE community!

    Another shortcut I learned a while ago (for those who don’t already know) to change the opacity and flow of your brushes: just type eg. “4” to make 40% opacity, “0” to make it 100%.
    Holding shift key and doing the same, changes flow accordingly.

  • Thanks for doing this Rich. Been watching for a bit now and have appreciated surprise that they just keep coming!

  • Rich, your desire to support this community is so wonderful … thank you! Your efforts are very much appreciated by all, I’m sure!

  • Rich

    Been watching them all week on the treadmill in the morning at my local gym. I watch a ton of youtubes on real estate photography and some how yours came up. Easy to understand and thank you for doing them. You are an asset to PFRE.
    Keep up the great work!

    Kevin Walsh

  • Hi Rich (and Larry). Thanks Rich for share all those useful videos. You´re an example. Your sips of coffee or lemonade waiting for the PS to charge the images are starting to be a classic . Keep going! Thanks again!

  • I have found Rich’s video’s so extremely helpful and so straightforward and look forward to his upcoming video series.

  • What can I say or comment on that others have not already stated? Thank you Rich and Larry. Rich for sharing some super techniques on improving and Larry for this whole website. I’m grateful to you both for the time you devote for all of us to hone our crafts and to consistently try and improve the product we deliver.

  • I hired Rich recently to coach me with my new real estate photography service. He was awesome! I didn’t know “who he was” when I hired him. But now I know he is one of the leaders of this new industry. He really cares about his colleagues and loves to teach. Plus, did I mention, he is a brilliant photographer? And he is humble with a wry sense of humor.

    What impresses me most about Rich’s coaching and videos is how incredible efficient he is in his work flow. Working with him gave me a lot of confidence and competence. I highly recommend his services to aspiring RE photographers. You will learn a lot and set very high standards for yourself.

  • Thanks Rich! Informative and a good laugh! Keep them coming!

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