Never10 by Steve Gibson Lets You Control When And If You Upgrade To Windows 10

March 29th, 2016

Never10Just recently I had a discussion with Russell in Portland about if there was a performance benefit if he upgraded his Windows 7 machine to Windows 10. I told him I doubted that it would improve his Lightroom or Photoshop performance and he decided he would stick with Windows 7. Apparently there are many Windows users out there that have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10.

But just a few minutes ago while listening to Steve Gibson’s Security Now podcast Steve said there are quite a few cases in the last week where Windows 7 and 8.1 machines have upgraded to Windows 10 WITHOUT users clicking the upgrade button that keeps nagging you. Sounds crazy, but Steve is very trustworthy and has committed not to upgrade himself. The auto-upgrade thing happened to a very close friend  last week so he had a lot of details on the situation. If I heard this from almost anyone else, I wouldn’t believe it.

As a result, Steve wrote a piece of code that prevents upgrading to Windows 10 without your permission. Steve is giving this away for free. If you want to have total control over when and if you upgrade I suggest you install a copy of  Steve’s Never10. Apparently, Never10 is very popular, he’s had 27,000 downloads in the last couple of days.

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5 Responses to “Never10 by Steve Gibson Lets You Control When And If You Upgrade To Windows 10”

  • I have windows 10 for about 6 month. The last 2 weeks my i5 computer started slowing down and it got worse. I had to boot up the system several times.
    The IT guy checked it out. There were 2 upgrades from windows that cause the problem. The auto upgrade does not understand what to upgrade, my SSD drive with the programs or the standard drive with my files and photo’s and created a big problem.
    We brought the standard drive to the outside and all works now. My pc is custom build and from 2010. I have ordered to replace motherboard and all that is needed to have a better system. I am following the advice from 2 gentlemen on this site.

  • I sort of upgraded by accident. I wanted to wait until it was out long enough for community feedback to give me an idea of the severity of bugs. However, I didn’t want to hold out so long that the option went off the table (for whatever reason). So I clicked on the “download files now to install another time” option, and after that it just automatically updated to Win10 without any further input from me. Thanks, MS.

    For the most part, Win10 has been fine. Two issues though:

    1) Desktop icons occasionally decide to auto-sort
    2) The new version of the free Windows Mail is useless and didn’t work at all for me.

    The icon issue is still an issue and a big annoyance. It’s also widespread among Win10 users so I’m surprised MS hasn’t addressed it.

    E-mail isn’t a big deal. I just removed the default program and installed Thunderbird. Works like a charm.

  • Personally I hate Win10! I don’t like the way it operates and looks. After installing it back in July, it disabled a few of my programs and removed all my desktop icons. I did a clean install it on my 10 year old laptop which worked well with Win7 but with 10 it would slow down then jam up. I keep getting popups for me to install Win10 everyday. I just installed Never10, I hope it works better than 10!

  • I upgraded all my machines (3 laptops 1 desktop) months ago, with nary an issue. I went straight from Win7 (which I loved) to Win10, bypassing the horrible Win 8/8.1. My biggest issue has been with LR upgrades…Adobe keeps screwing them up

    Ron, My desktop has both an SSD (boot drive) and std. drives and windows hasnt had an issue updating. Maybe I have just been lucky. Took a little bit to get used to the new layout, other than that, I cant complain

  • Tim: As I mentioned I have windows 10 for about 6 month and at the same time the new Office 13. All works fine until about 2 weeks ago.
    Live, Outlook, Explorer and Word started giving me troubles. In the middle of my work it stopped working and have to restart.

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