Brian Kellogg Launches a Free Real Estate Photography Tutorial Series

March 23rd, 2016

Brian Kellogg in Sacramentobriankellogg has been in the real estate photography business for a decade. Old time PFRE Flickr group members will recognize Brian’s name from his long time participation in the Flickr group.

Around the beginning of March, Brian launched a free online real estate photography series. Brian says:

This week I started a free online real estate photography tutorial series at There will be a new video on our Facebook and YouTube channels every weekday featuring off camera lighting setups, behind the scenes video, Photoshop editing tricks and DIY custom modifiers.

Once I build up a bit of an audience later this year I’m going to start up a weekly interview show with other real estate photographers from around the world as well.

Brian has been using these videos to train his staff of real estate photographers. So either subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on FaceBook to get some good information on shooting and processing real estate photos.


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6 Responses to “Brian Kellogg Launches a Free Real Estate Photography Tutorial Series”

  • Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely subscribe to his videos. I like property photographers experimenting with different tricks and techniques.

  • Terrific videos. Short and to the point, but very informative and some good tricks to solve problems. Thanks for these.

  • Very cool. Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks for sharing Larry!

  • Nicely done, Brian, lot of work. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Great stuff. We can all learn something new. That’s what I love about photography, it is a never ending learning way of life.

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