Workshop On Real Estate and Commercial Architecture Photography

March 11th, 2016

WorkShopBarry MacKenzie (PFRE 2014 photographer of the year) and Tony Roslund are giving a two-day intensive workshop May 6 & 7 in Scottsdale, AZ, covering real estate photography and high-end commercial architectural photography and everything in between.

You can save $250 by signing up early. For details and registration click here. Only 20 seats available.

For all you folks that prefer in person, small group training here is your chance!

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42 Responses to “Workshop On Real Estate and Commercial Architecture Photography”

  • Registered! Definitely excited for this. I know it says that bringing equipment is encouraged… but is it necessary? I think I’d rather watch, learn, absorb. Can the teachers elaborate on why we should bring equipment?

  • Darn, not enough lead time to budget for the course and it’s getting into the busy season. Maybe another class can be scheduled during the winter, which is very nice weather in Scottsdale or Las Vegas, when it will be easier to take a few days off.

  • Will this workshop ever come to Northeast US?

  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert, if a class or workshop is offered in our industry, it is a great opportunity to up our skills and knowledge of the industry. Scottsdale is a great place for a workshop and downtown Scottsdale is a great place to be located for food and restaurants. We wish Barry and Tony the best in fillng the workshop and know that the students will all be happy with the results!

  • Streaming course please !

  • I to just registered for the Workshop. Looking forward to lean how to light interiors and anything else that has to do with Real Estate Photography that they present.

  • I just registered. What a great opportunity to improve my skills – looking forward to it!

  • @Matt: Thanks for registering for the workshop!

    Bringing equipment is optional – you can most definitely just sit back and absorb everything. Tony and I just thought some people may want to have their on gear on hand for familiarity. See you in May!

  • @Ken: So far the response for this workshop has been amazing (we’re almost full) so we’ll likely be planning several more. We’ve had requests to host one on the East Coast and somewhere in California as well. Hope to see you at the next one!

  • @Suzanne: Thanks for the encouragement! Tony told me that you were in touch with him – I’m sure we’ll connect at some point when we’re visiting Scottsdale! Have a good one!

  • @Conrad: Thanks for registering! We’re planning on overloading your brain with knowledge – you’ve been warned! See you in May!

  • @Susan: We’re excited that you’ve registered! See you in May!

  • @Annette: An East Coast workshop is very likely!

    @Mouhamad: We’re working on it – stay tuned!

  • North Carolina would be a great location for a workshop! Hint Hint

  • Signed up this morning for the Scottsdale workshop… absolutely love workshop vacations!!! If you need assistance setting up a Maryland/DC workshop let me know. Cheers!

  • @Barry Mackenzie. You would make my year if you had live streaming for the course. 🙂

  • Also signed up. Looking too stepping up my game and learning from very good photographers.

  • How do I get on the mailing list for future workshops. I would definitely do a east coast workshop

  • Hi Barry – If you are possibly doing a workshop in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area, I am both a Keller Williams agent and worked 8 years in new homes sales, so I have connections to use model homes for workshops. I also do hands on workshops once a quarter using national builders model for our workshops! Cheers!

  • @David: Amazing – thanks for registering! I see that you’re already in the private Facebook group – we’ll keep you updated there! See you in May!

  • @Jimmy: Please visit the workshop link above and send a message to Tony – we’ve started compiling a mailing list for future workshops!

  • @Cindy: Thanks for the message! Sounds like you’re well connected in the DC area! We’re currently exploring where we’re going to host the east coast workshop. We’ll definitely reach out to you once we get closer! Thanks again!

  • @Caleb: We’ll do what we can!! 🙂

  • So when are you guys coming to London (yes, the other one!) for a workshop, Barry?

  • Please come to the east coast sometime!! Would love that – Baltimore!! Also – not during the spring season please!!

  • @Michele: Thanks for registering! Looking forward to meeting you in May! Cheers!

  • @Matt: Tony and I were talking about visiting Europe yesterday – we’ll definitely reach out to you if, and when things firm up for something over there!

  • @Kathy: Something on the East Coast is going down for sure – we’ll keep you posted!

  • Quick update about the workshop:

    We’ve hit 17 attendees so there’s only three spots left – early bird pricing ends tonight at 12:00am PST.

    We’re still working behind-the-scenes to obtain additional sponsorship for the workshop but so far TetherTools, Capture Integration, DigiPlate, RGG EDU, BlackRapid, and Fiilex lighting are all on board! The sponsors have all agreed to help promote the workshop, lend additional gear, introduce us to some new tools, provide discounts, special promos, swag (stickers, t-shirts, hats), and even some door prizes! That means lots of cool stuff and a better equipped workshop for everyone!

    We’re going to blast, create some cool images, drink some cold beer, and melt your face with knowledge!

    Please click the link above for the full workshop breakdown!

  • So excited! Grabbed one of the three remaining seats!!!!!

  • @Cindy: Awesome! See you in May!

  • All signed up!

  • @Patrick: Wicked – see you in Arizona!!

  • As of 7:30pm PST we have only have one lucky spot left!

    I forgot to mention that 2015 PFRE Photographer of the Year, Jason Roehner will be on hand for the weekend helping out and sharing nuggets of information too. Don’t miss out!

  • ONE SPOT LEFT! Who will get it? Don’t think too long, or you may miss out! Thanks to all those who have registered. The support from PFRE has been amazing! Barry & I are truly honored to share our knowledge with such an amazing community of people.

  • So the workshop officially (over) sold out last night – we want to thank all 21 registrants for signing up and look forward to seeing everyone in Arizona!

    We’ve added a mailing list form to the original link posted above and encourage anyone interested in future workshops to sign up!

  • Awwww!!! Wanted to join today. Wait list?? Or SoCal date??

  • Dana, we are working on another workshop location/date. Stay tuned.

  • Tony and Barry, re. the workshop, are you planning on discussing the business side, and stylistic distinctions, of these genres as well as the technical side? A lot of real estate photographers (as well as retail photographers, such as those doing weddings and family portraiture) really seem to lack an understanding of fundamental business practices related to commercial photography, as well the stylistic distinctions involved when working with different clients, such as architects, interior designers, builders, product manufacturers, real estate agents, hospitality businesses, etc.

  • David, I am covering the differences in RE and architecture/design photography models. That includes not only the photography and approach, but also the business of pricing/licensing. That portion of the workshop will be worth the price of admission !!! I will explain how an architectural photographer can reduce the cost for clients while increasing profit for the photographer.

  • I know the class has been sold out, congrats. By chance, are you going to have a waiting list in case someone has to cancel at the last minute?
    If so, I would be interested in putting my name on the list.

  • Cheryl Tadin, please email me at

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