iPlayerHD Introduces FrameCatch™ The World’s Only Video Image Frame Catching and Sharing Tool

March 9th, 2016

iPlayerHD just recently introduced a feature called FrameCatch™ which when you have it turned on in your video allows viewers to capture any frame in the video. While you can use the frame to share on social media, the FrameCatch™ feature is more about grabbing images of property that viewers are interested in and sharing it with spouses, partners and others in their lives. I can believe that this feature really works well for property video.

I have FrameCatch™ turned on in the Enfuse For Real Estate video course promotional video to the right to demonstrate how it works. Click on the orange camera icon on the video, then play through the video to the frame you want to capture/share, then click on the orange camera icon again to capture the frame you want. At that point you can either, download the captured frame, or e-mail it, or share it to social media.

Note that every winner of the PFRE monthly video contest gets a free year’s subscription to iPlayerHD video hosting. Thanks to Wes Moore of for sponsoring the PFRE monthly video contest!

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6 Responses to “iPlayerHD Introduces FrameCatch™ The World’s Only Video Image Frame Catching and Sharing Tool”

  • Just a shout out to Wes Moore and iPlayerHD. I have hosted all my videos on iPlayerHD for 4-5 years now. Always great results on all platforms. And, the several times that I had some stupid question and called upon iPlayerHD support they were always great. Usually I got a call back from Wes himself. I’m not surprised that Wes and iPlayerHD have come up with an inovative tool like FrameCatch. Thanks Wes.

  • Dido to the above! The quality is amazing and clients love it.

  • I have been using Vimeo Pro for a couple years now, but I’m always willing to migrate if it makes sense. What are some of the benefits of iPlayerHD versus Vimeo? Thanks!!!

  • I would stay far away from Vimeo. If you are doing real estate video walk through tours, it goes against their terms of service. Vimeo was nice enough to shut my account down many years ago (after I uploaded about 800 videos), and THEN notify me my account was cancelled. I purchased a PRO account several years ago, and they did exactly the same thing AGAIN. Made my entire account PRIVATE, then notified me that this was all I could do since it violated their TOS.

    I will NEVER do business with these A-holes again. I do not like the way they do business. I’ve been with IplayerHD probably since they began, and have been 10000% satisfied. Wes is terrific, responsive, and the service is flawless.

    Stay away from Vimeo. You’ll regret it at some point. Trust me.


    There are certain types of commercial content we never allow.

    You may not upload videos that promote fraudulent or dubious business schemes.
    You may not upload spam or flood Vimeo with videos intended to drive traffic to your website.
    Commercial videos that may be disruptive to Vimeo viewers’ experience should remain private.

    Vimeo is a place to share and discover amazing videos. Commercial content that adversely affects on-site video discovery (e.g., by flooding search results) should remain private.
    If you’re uploading lots of similar, promotional videos (e.g., product demos), please keep these videos private.
    Videos focused on short term sales (e.g., real estate walk-throughs) should also remain private.
    Private Mode: PRO members can use Private Mode to easily hide their videos from Learn more about hosting and sharing private videos.

  • I just tried the screen grab and feel it will be way to much work for 99% of viewers. Not intuitive. No one is going to read directions before watching a video. People are naturally lazy and not technically minded. My two cents.

  • We have been using iplayhd for several years. I believe they are the best in the business and their service is great. Yes….you can get a call directly from Wes and he will look into (and fix) any issues. They are all about their clients! Many companies say this…..very few actually deliver. Regarding FrameCatch, I’m not really sure that it will be successful, but the more important point is that these guys are thinking about new things!

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