Congratulations To Sharon and Lyndon Davey Winners Of The Jan/Feb PFRE Video Contest

March 1st, 2016

SharonLyndonCongratulations to Sharon and Lyndon Davey of Rockingham (just South of Perth) Western Australia, who the PFRE video jury just voted the winner of the Jan/Feb video contest. Here is their video. Sharon and Lyndon are a husband and wife team that shoot video for their listings. Sharon does the on-camera work and Lyndon does the technical behind the camera work. As you can see they are a very effective team! Did you know there was a Waikiki Beach in Austrailia? I didn’t!

Here are the ranking results of the jury’s voting. To view the videos click on the entry numbers and then click on the video link in the description field. Note that third place was a three-way tie:

  1. #4, Sharon & Lyndon Davey, Rockingham, Australia
  2. #1, Jake Donahue, Portland Oregon
  3. #2, Paul Martinez, Lake Norman Area, North Carolina
  4. #3, Patrick Bertolini, Houston, Texas
  5. #5, Candace Kuzmarski, Evanston/Chicago, Illinois
  6. #6, Don Wagner, Springfield, Illinois
  7. #7, Brandon Headley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Here are Sharon and Lyndon’s comments:

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to contribute to PFRE. We hope it’s OK to identify a few individuals who’s work we find particularly inspiring – Charlie Dresen, Anders Carlson, Malia Campbell, Travis Rowan, Hamish Beeston, Tom Tezac, Allan Mackenzie & Fred Light. Video is working for us and you have all contributed to our success – thank you. If we can reach even half the standard set by these true professionals we’ll be happy.

For this property, we identified the kitchen, the big garage/workshop and the size of the block as being the big selling points for this home.

We decided then to take a different approach to our normal format of pretty much showing the house in order and decided to go straight into the kitchen figuring we needed to show off the home’s best selling points early.

We then built the rest of the edit around that, with the aim of maximising the home’s good points and minimising the very few areas where it lacked whilst still presenting a true overall picture of the home to potential buyers.

We wouldn’t normally include cats or dogs in videos but Snoopy was such a beautifully natured puppy and to be safe we, shot all the same scenes without him but after watching an edit with him in and then not, we decided to let him stay : )

Still struggling to get our edits shorter, struggling with low light and post production – but we’re getting there.


Panasonic GH3 (with aftermarket battery grip)
Panasonic 7 – 14mm lens
Konova K3 60cm Slider
Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod
496RC2 Ball Head
Sennheiser eW 100G3 Wireless Lav Mic
Sennheiser HD202 Headphones

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8 Responses to “Congratulations To Sharon and Lyndon Davey Winners Of The Jan/Feb PFRE Video Contest”

  • Congrats Sharon and Lyndon! Great work from a great team.

  • Well done guys. Loving your work!

  • Congratulations! Did you do all slider moves manually, or is it motorized?

  • Well done Sharon.

    You talk about the dog. But I really liked the dog in the video. Life happens in homes. Embrace it. That dog was cute and to me, that says it’s a pet friendly yard. And people are looking for that. So I love impromptu situations like that and if I can incorporate that into a video, it’s just another point that might resonate with a buyer.

  • Great work, guys!!

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    @Jeff – all manual slider moves. Gee a motorized slider though would be sweet to get those really smooth slow slides every time at the touch of a button.

    Konova do make a motor and belt that can be retro fitted to their range of sliders which I would like to add in the future.

    I’ve tried not to look at camera gear for a while however the other day I came across the Rhino motorized camera slider on Philip Bloom’s blog and it looks pretty perfect for the job – light weight carbon fiber, such an easy set up and maybe manageable lugging it around a house on a tripod – good enough for Philip Bloom, way good enough for me.

  • Davey Team, great job on the video. The quality of the sound and the smoothness of the slider shots makes it akin to an HGTV show keeping the viewers attention and I thought it really hits the things people care about. Congratulations, keep up the great work.

  • @Lyndon

    For manual, those slider movements are buttery-smooth. Nice job!

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