Note Rule Changes For PFRE Photographer of Month Contest

February 29th, 2016

pfre-JPEGStarting with the March PFRE Photographer of the month contest there is a significant change to the way the contest will be run. See the contest rules page for full details. Contestants will post their own photos to the contest pool. This means:

  1. Contestants will not be anonymous as they were before this change.
  2. Contestants must supply a way to contact them via e-mail so I can contact the winner. Entrants can do this by either making sure their email and or website URL is in their Flickr profile or putting it in the description field of the entry they post.

The reason for this change is so the contest management doesn’t take so much of my time. I have a hard time handling entries in a timely way when I’m traveling. I know having contestants anonymous is important to some (this is why I haven’t made this change earlier), but it just takes too much work. We used this process for the last video contest and it worked quite well.

The other change is that contestants will not be allowed to comment on any of the entries until after the winner has been announced. This is intended to make sure entries are judged as impartially as possible.

So today (March 1) contestants can now post their entries in the PFRE Flickr photographer of the month group . And then, as usual, the group will close at the end of the day March 15th.

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3 Responses to “Note Rule Changes For PFRE Photographer of Month Contest”

  • We’ve been working you to hard Larry. 😉

  • Hi Larry. Just checking. Is it only one entry allowed each month for the competition?

  • @Des – Yes, only one entry per person per month.

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