Congratulations To Brandon Cooper – PFRE Photographer Of The Month For February

February 23rd, 2016

2016FebBrandonCooperCongratulations Brandon Cooper of Fort McMurray, Canada who the PFRE jury has voted February PFRE photographer of the month. This month’s theme is living rooms or family rooms.

Here are the contestants that the jurors awarded points to this month:

  1. #10Brandon Cooper, Fort McMurray, Alberta
  2. #17Barry MacKenzie, London, Ontario
  3. #22Anders Carlson, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
  4. #35Matt Davis – London, UK
  5. #4  – Caleb Vadermeer – Portland, Oregon
  6. #5Tim Krueger – Costa Mesa, California
  7. #26Robert Morning – Los Angeles, California
  8. #8  – Matthew Stalone – Woodbridge, Ontario
  9. #6  – Hamish Beeston – Bristol, UK
  10. #25Gary Quigg – Belfast, UK
  11. #14Gary Kasl – San Marcos, California

There are a lot of great comments in the Contest Flickr pool.

Here are Brandon’s comments:

As cliche as it sounds I really am honored and humbled to win this months photographer of the month.

Call me crazy but I think the quality of images that are showing up in the PFRE Flickr forum are getting better and better by the day so I believe wins are going to become few and far between (which is a testament to the growth of this group)

There is an incredible community of like minded photographers here and I’m so pleased to be a part of it. The engagement and selflessness of so many great shooters combined with the countless hours that Larry contributes to the PFRE blog is the main reason so many of us are able to put food on the table for the ONES we love, doing WHAT we love. I will be forever grateful for this amazing group of people who have helped me grow from the once UFWA HDR maniac I was to the so so, ok, maybe has a chance interior photographer that I hope to be.

I’ve still got a ton of learning to do and I’ll do it right here at PFRE.

Thanks again, and looking forward to next month!

Ps. I need to say a special thanks to Tony Colangelo from Victoria, BC who took a chance on coaching me even though he didn’t have a spare hour in his day… My time spent with Tony has been literally PRICELESS!

And thanks to Barry “swizzler” MacKenzie for putting up with my stupid photoshop questions, composition critiques, and endless emails that probably border on the line of harassment, your input and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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21 Responses to “Congratulations To Brandon Cooper – PFRE Photographer Of The Month For February”

  • Congrats Brandon … a *wonderful* image and a very deserved win! Am SO proud of you, bud!!

  • Congrats Brandon! Much deserved.

  • Congrats, Brandon! Now stop harassing me! 😉

  • Shot Brandon – great image & great comments !!

  • Excellent work. I’d be interested in a lighting / post-production breakdown if you have a moment.

  • Well done Brandon, it’s a killer image!

  • Congratulations Brandon! Well deserved indeed.

  • Congratulations Brandon. Happy to see another photographer succeed and also find massive value in Tony Colangelo’s coaching services 😉

  • Congrats on an outstanding image!

  • Well done Brandon! Consistently impressive work

  • Congrats Brandon, well deserved I think you it’s Miller time with Tony and the Barry. Cheers…

  • Congrats on a winning image!

  • @Hamish Beeston he explained it a few months ago.

  • Many thanks Caleb

  • Congrats Brandon! Exceptional work!

  • Thanks everyone, much appreciated!

  • Well done Brandon! Congratulations on the win and killer image.

  • Beautiful image and composition, Brandon. Congrats on the well-deserved recognition.

  • Congratulations Brandon! Your work is amazing and I really appreciate what you said about the PFRE group in your acceptance speech (haha). I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it on the internet, and I too am so thankful to be apart of an amazing group of people.

  • Great job Brandon! I had my eye on your image from the beginning. Congratulations.

  • Really beautiful shot!!!!

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