Adobe Camera RAW 9.4 Boundary Warp Feature Fills In Panorama Edges

February 11th, 2016

Thanks to Larry Gray for pointing out that the new version of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) has a nifty new feature called “Boundary Warp”. Previously, you had to crop out much of the edges on a panorama after using the Photos-Merge-Panoramic feature, losing some detail. With Boundry Warp, you can use the Boundary Warp slider fill in the entire frame. This process will cause some distortion but that can be fixed.

In the tutorial to the right Russell Brown walks you through the process of using Boundry Warp. Notice that Russell is doing the tutorial in ACR which is how it would look when doing Boundry Warp in Photoshop but the interface looks virtually identical in Lightroom 6.4/Lightroom cc 2015.4 because of course ACR is built into Lightroom.

This feature is extremely handy if you shoot panoramas and stitch them together with Photomerge feature in Lightroom/ACR like many real estate photographers do.

Update Feb 13: John Driggers has confirmed that Boundary Warp is NOT in Lightroom 6.4 since ACR 9.1.1 is the last version of ACR available for the non-CC version of Lightroom. Actually Adobe announced some time ago that ACR 9.1.1 would be the last version of ACR available for Lightroom CS6.

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5 Responses to “Adobe Camera RAW 9.4 Boundary Warp Feature Fills In Panorama Edges”

  • Can you export as html 5 for virtual tours from Photoshop?

  • @Neil…I don’t think any photo software outputs to html 5 as that is a page development programming language used in website development programs (Dreamweaver, Muse, Indesign etc) and possibly some word processing programs can ‘save as’ html. Lightroom stitches RAW files and creates a dng file which can then be exported to jpeg, psd, tiff, dng or ‘original’ while Photoshop ‘save as’ includes those in their total of 14 options available – but no html in the 14 choices. Lightroom, Photoshop, and even Illustrator, can’t directly export to html, but their files can be inserted into the page or widget as you create/update a web page.

    I haven’t used the ‘boundary warp’ feature yet as I usually give enough excess to accommodate the crop, but see where could be useful if the tip of the roof is missing, or perhaps more ceiling and less of the room. The concern I have, but haven’t had the ‘challenging’ files set to test is how much distortion is introduced. Granted, panoramic stitching – particurally rooms with corners – is an exercise in distortion hopefully minimized by the playback cylinder, but how much additional distortion is introduced by Boundary Warp? Essentially it is applying the content aware protocol to fill, but at least has the additional frames to assist with the fill.

  • Thanks for reply – was wondering if could use instead of something like ptgui to create files for virtual tours

  • My Lightroom is the .3 version and Photoshop is .1 version even though CC app says they are updated, any suggestions?

  • Neil – Garden Gnome puts out a product called Pano2VR that you can create HTML programmed tours. Really easy to use and works well with both PTGUI and Photoshop. I love it because I use it to remove the tripod in my spheres in 3 steps.

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