A Little Something To Help Keep Track of Your Mileage Tax Deductions

February 7th, 2016

MileIQTax day is right around the corner so now’s a perfect time for real estate photographers to think about ways to lower their tax burden.

Back in November when we talked mileage tracking Apps Randy pointed out that:

MileIQ (59 bucks a year) literally pings my location every 30 seconds, recording a “trip” if I leave my location. At the end of the day I swipe each trip right for a personal trip, left for a business trip. I shoot almost 1000 homes a year and log about 35,000 miles, 80 percent business. Can’t afford not to. It also logs the expenses directly to Freshbooks (my accounting software) which my accountant has a direct link to.

I’ve noted no high battery use, and it doesn’t require any other hardware in the car.

Since that November post, I’ve started using MileIQ too and I like it better than the other mileage tracking Apps that I’ve tried. I find it very painless and easy!

We now have a special MileIQ discount for PFRE readers (click here and then use checkout code PFRE20) that gives you 20% off an annual plan. There’s also a little MileIQ ad on the right sidebar where you can get the discount… just be sure to use the PFRE20 discount code.

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10 Responses to “A Little Something To Help Keep Track of Your Mileage Tax Deductions”

  • I have an info sheet template that I fill out when each job is booked and confirmed and there is a space for the figure that Google Maps gives me when I look up and print the directions. I also not the odometer when I leave and when I get back. I don’t typically make separate business related trips but try to do any shopping for supplies while I’m going to/from/between jobs. I’m a little concerned about installing tracking applications on my phone and I usually turn off the data stream unless I’m using it.

    I have an entry in my accounting program (AccountEdge) where I track my mileage. It’s part of my job process and not big deal to do. If I ever get audited and they want to see my mileage log, I’ll hand them a huge stack of job sheets to go through. It’s more work for them and there is nothing that says I have to make life easy for Infernal Revenue when dey come callin’.

  • I use a small device called Mileage-Ace. it costs $130 and plug into your car’s 12V power supply. It connect to GPS and tracks your car’s location as you drive. You can either push a button to toggle between business and personal use, or you can set up rules and geo fences to determine the purpose of your ride. It generates IRS compliant reports and uploads all the data to the cloud when you are within range of your WIFI network and you turn the ignition off.

    Ive used it for 1 year now and it has saved me thousands in mileage deductions. Happy Customer.

  • We simply take a photo of the odometer at the start and end of each trip. Now you have a photo record of each trip’s mileage.

  • For a few bucks that app sounds great and saves all the Mickey Mouse techniques to keep track. I will look at it.

    My solution was to just buy a new suv and use it just for business, then use the vette for personal…..

  • Anyone know if this can be used worldwide? Only reason I ask is that it isn’t available on the UK app store.

  • MileIQ is currently only available in the U.S. App store. However, we are actively working on making MileIQ available in additional markets soon.

  • I use a small device called a notebook. It’s this new technology where you write down the mileage on this thing called paper when you get back from a shoot.
    End of the year I keep it with my tax papers just in case I get audited.
    I’m all for technology, but sometimes it just goes too far.

  • I use Mileage Tracker for andriod. Works off GPS, backs up to Drive or Dropbox, provides reports that are comma delimited so open in excel.
    4 years no issues.

  • Milebug. One time purchase, records business, personal and charitable, customizable, uses GPS if you want it to, backs up to Dropbox and will send you a fully formatted report via html or .cvs which will open in Excel.

    Did I say “one time purchase”?

  • I tried this for a couple months and found something I don’t like. You get 40 “Free” drives a month. But it counts all personal drives against that total. So if I drive to the grocery store and back, that’s 2. It adds up over a month. I only want to track my business miles.

    It’s also a bit tedious to swipe left or right based on whether it is a personal or business trip. Sometimes, I’ll look at the trip and can’t remember. It wouldn’t be a problem if it only logged business trips.

    There should be a way to open the app and turn it “on”. To tell it: log this trip.

    Yes, yes, I know it’s only $59 for the annual plan (before the PFRE discount) but like some of the people who commented before, the notebook I’ve used for years works just fine. I log the trip mileage and odometer (odometer doesn’t count tenths of miles and those add up too). I then keep a spreadsheet at home where I enter the info and have it set up to automatically calculate the number of miles driven. A simple formula can add up by month.

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