Warning: The Lightroom 6.4/cc 2015.4 Update Kills Photomatix Pro

January 28th, 2016

Michael Baxley  just pointed out that:

Warn readers to NOT update Lightroom 6.4 because it kills Photomatix Pro. The support page says engineers are working on a fix.

I just got my update notice today (January 27, 2015).

Update Jan, 29, 2016: I just verified Michael’s report above. I upgraded to Lightroom cc 2015.4 and tested Photomatix Pro before and after. Worked fine before the update but after the update after the first screen, Photomatix Pro does not run. I’m using OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. Don’t know if this is a Mac only issue. Problem seems to be Lightroom is just not starting the Photomatix Pro plugin.

I also tested LR/Enfuse and it still runs ok. If you use Photomatix Pro you should not update to LR 6.4/c 2015.4!

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12 Responses to “Warning: The Lightroom 6.4/cc 2015.4 Update Kills Photomatix Pro”

  • Larry, thanks for the warning. Perhaps all the more reason to continue the rather short learning curve of AuroraPto. Does anyone else pine for the day when you bought a software program and left it alone long enough to get to know it before the propeller heads changed everything? I am seriously thinking of going back to PS CS6 and AuroraPro and Bridge. That’s a combo I can work with with my eyes almost shut and a clunky but predicable work flow without having to take time to learn where all the controls have gone. Makes me an old fart but what I need is something I can do in my sleep, that I don’t have to think about or waste time learning new versions and no longer having access to my old versions. Has anyone here worked for Adobe? It does seem to me that software manufacturers have sort of lost track of their pro market and the concept of making a product designed around our needs instead of their brilliant ideas. And they are brilliant, that is not in question. I, however, am not. I want to shoot great shots and have reliable tools to process the images that does not change on me every few months – long before I have mastered the last set of changes.

  • A big AMEN on that one, Peter.

  • Larry, I am a follower of the old maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  • Me too, Peter. I.T. people have this disease…they can’t quit messing with things that work trying to make them “better”. That irritates me to no end.

  • Since Photomatix Pro is a separate, stand-alone program. How would or could Lightroom affect it?

  • Same thought Michael. I’m guessing they’re referring to the Photomax plug-in for Lightroom? Perhaps Micheal Baxley could clarify…

  • I’m with Peter on this also. You just get comfortable using PS or LR and Adobe comes out with another up date and changes things.

    How does the update effect Photomatix? At this point I can’t see any thing different with Photomatix. I have LR 2015.4.

  • Everytime an operating system changes or a software gets upgraded, it is important to wait a few days or even weeks before implementing. Fortunately, photomatix is a separate stand alone program. I even wait a week before I upgrade my telephone or iPad! It seems to help a lot with the bugs and annoyances that come along with upgrading.

  • I stopped using Photomatix Pro and started using LR built in HDR this year. I find it to be better and faster during my work flow. When I was using photomatix i would load the raw files into photomatix then output the tiff file to my hardrive. Then import the tiff file into LR witht the rest of the house raw files. So you guys are getting worked up over nothing.

  • Yes- specifically the LR plugin is now not working. I kick my photo out of LR into PMPro and then back again to LR.
    Never had an issue in the past with a LR update, but this time it killed something.

  • I’m with Rex. I only have a couple clients I do HDR shoots for, but the built-in LR HDR function has replaced the Photomatix plugin. The only remaining “pro” of using Photomatix is the bulk process function, but at least LR has an auto-stack function to minimize the time spent gathering groups of bracketed images.

  • I updated LR yesterday. After reading the above, I just tried using Photomatix Pro stand alone as well as the LR plug-in. Both worked fine. I am using a PC with Windows 7, if that makes any difference.

    Also, the PS update seems to have fixed a problem I was having after opening and using PS, and then closing the program. I could not restart it. I found that it was still open in the Task Manager, and had to close it there before I could restart it. Yesterday’s upgrade seemed to take care of that problem. The previous upgrade seemed to cause that problem.

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