Help Create A PFRE Recommended Tour Hosting Vendor List

January 26th, 2016

TourVendorsI’ve had tour vendors complain that I promote TourBuzz rather than let PFRE readers decide for themselves which tour vendor is best.

Let’s get several things clear:

  1. I don’t do traditional advertising because I don’t like to promote things that I don’t use.
  2. The products and vendors I write about are ones I believe in and use.
  3. In the area of tour vendors I used to be a partner in but I quit partnering with them over 3 years ago.

There are some new tour vendors that want to attract attention and earn your business. I would like to facilitate having PFRE readers help decide which tour hosting companies they recommend. So I’ve decided to make a list of tour hosting vendors similar to the outsourcing vendor list where PFRE readers can give feedback on which vendors they like.

So readers that use or have used any vendors on the list, please give feedback on those vendors in the Tour Hosting Vendor list page comments.

Vendors that want to get on the list please contact me directly here. This list is intended only for tour hosting vendors that are designed for independent real estate photographers to use for their clients so many tour vendors don’t make sense.

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10 Responses to “Help Create A PFRE Recommended Tour Hosting Vendor List”

  • Tried a few and like TourBuzz the most. I only have a handful of clients that do tours, but they are really happy with the ones I do. Pricing is reasonable, too. Lots of customizable options too for tinkerers like me.
    Larry- clicked on the ‘Tour Hosting Vendor list page’ link but comments are closed.

  • TourBuzz has what I need and is easy for me and my clients to use.

  • TourBuzz. Excellent product and services. They are designed and set up for Real Estate Photographers. They have a client panel that makes it easy for the realtor to tweak and customize their tour.

  • I have used Tour Buzz and VeewMe. Tour Buzz is has been great and their availability and support is the best in the business. I really liked the ability to purchase tours in bundles of credits. I had several clients ask me for a more modern look and I found VeewMe. Their team has also been very responsive. They are still evolving and so far I am very happy. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

  • I’ve now turned comments on the tour vendor list page… sorry for the oversight.

  • I started using several years ago and now have several hundred properties loaded. The team there has always been very responsive and helpful. System is super easy and it takes only a couple of minutes to load a tour. I have looked at Tourbuzz and am planning on using that platform for upgraded tours, one that will incorporate 360 with the stills.

    The tour package is a add on product that has been a very good source of income. 20 to 25% of my agents regularly order tours with their assignments. The other agents like the idea of saying yes to their clients if asked to provide a enhanced marketing package for them.

  • Having to purchase credits like tour buzz and realtourvision require is a real turnoff.

  • Tourbuzz tours at a one time charge of $15 for tour are really inexpensive.

  • I’m using Tourbuzz because they are not like a virtual tour company that exploits the photographer, you have control of your clients and the ratio of money that the photographer makes is in the photographer’s favor. Tourbuzz is a fabulous enhancement to the real estate photographer. If you’re a photographer and don’t want to be known by the tour company shadowing over you then tourbuzz is for you. They help you keep your branding, real estate agents will ask for you by name instead of a tour company name. Tourbuzz even adds your own branding to the tours. Customer service responds fast to requests. I’ve been using them for 4 to 5 years and now am shooting up to 5 homes a day everyday besides the weekend. The tours are very user friendly and take minutes to figure out instead of days, no initial investment is necessary.

  • Anyone use

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