Still Contest Closed, Video Contest Open, Changes In Video Contest Submittal

January 15th, 2016

ContestsToday (Jan 15) the PFRE still contest  closes and the PFRE video contest opens.

And most significantly, the submission process for the PFRE video contest (contest rules) have changed.

New Process For Submitting a Video Entries:

  1. Join the PFRE Video Flickr group. You have to signup for a Yahoo account/email to join Flickr because Yahoo owns Flickr.
  2. Upload your video or a still from the video and a link to the video in the description field.
  3. For the purpose of identity and communications, video entrants must have their full name, location, e-mail address and website URL in their profile. This is so I can identify and contact the winner. Entrants that don’t have these items in the Flickr profiles they use to submit entries will be deleted before voting.
  4. The video contest Flickr group will only be open for posting videos from the 15th through the 23rd of the month.

Yes, I know, this process makes it so the entrants are not anonymous but most all the videos are branded anyway so this isn’t that big a change. This change in process makes it a lot easier for me to manage the contest.

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